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      How to Wear a Corset Under Your Wedding Dress

      Can I wear a corset under my wedding dress?

      Posted on March 3, 2018 by Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Thinking about wearing a corset under your wedding dress? You probably want a smooth and cinched waist on your wedding day, but you also want your dress to be the star garment ... not your underpinnings. 

      We've helped hundreds of brides pair a corset with their wedding dress, and we've found a corset can be worn under your wedding dress discreetly if you follow along with these tips and tricks.  

      1. Find the Right Style & Fit

      This is an obvious one, but very easy to get wrong. Find the right corset style (style guide) for your body type, and make sure it fits perfectly (sizing guide). A corset that fits you well it will be easier to hide under any garment. If you need help figuring out what style and size is best for you, chat with our customer service team.

      See video: The Best Corsets to Hide Under Clothes
      See corsets: Bridal Corset Collection

      2. Season Your Corset

      Seasoning is the process of slowly breaking in your corset. Season your corset before your big day to be sure you are comfortable wearing your corset while moving, sitting and eating. You want to feel confident to wear it for long periods of time. 

      Be sure to wear something between your body and your corset, you will be more comfortable and your corset will stay clean and fresh for your big day.  We recommend our Seamless Bamboo Corset Liners.

      Don’t wait until the last minute to order a corset! You want to have plenty of time (think 2-4 weeks before the ceremony) to break it in.

      3. Choose the Right Gown

      Some wedding dresses are better than others when it comes to hiding a corset. Low back dresses and those with thin and clingy fabrics won’t be able to disguise your corset. See our Pinterest Board below for a sampling of wedding dresses we've seen work well with a corset.

      4. Bring Your Corset to Fittings

      This is very important! Bring your corset along with you to all of your dress fittings. This way you can be sure your dress fits your cinched waist instead of your natural waistline.

      5. Use Flat Satin Laces

      If your corset comes with round nylon laces, make sure you change them out for flat satin ones. Satin laces are much less bulky than the laces that come in your corset.

      Here are a couple helpful resources: