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      Corset Care

      Your corset arrived! Now find out how you can make sure it's extra comfortable and keeps its stunning hourglass shape for many years to come. In this series, we give our pro tips on taking care of your corset waist trainer. From lacing (or re-lacing) to cleaning, storing, putting it on, cinching and taking it off- we have the details for you!

      Why should you care about corset care? Because its fit, comfort, and longevity depend on it! There's nothing more uncomfortable than a poor corset fit, so make sure you season your new corset so it's comfy and ready for your big day, or every day!

      And if you've just put on your corset for the first time and are wondering why it fits like that--chat with our friendly sizing experts. They've seen it all and will make sure you get the ideal fit and look.

      You just unboxed your brand new corset. Now what? Corsets are such a foreign object to many of our new customers-just figuring out our to loosen the laces can overwhelm even the bravest of souls. Start by watching the video... Read more

      Breaking-In (seasoning) When you receive your corset you'll need to season it (break it in). Failure to season your corset properly can and will cause damage. It is essential to season your corset before beginning waist training, tight lacing or... Read more

      Caring for your new steel-boned corset is paramount to adding to the life and longevity of it. While the steel bones do offer ample compression and strength, they need to be well taken care of in order to ensure that... Read more

      Updated on July 30, 2019 Seasoning your corset is the process of slowly breaking in your corset. It allows the steel bones of the fabric to slowly mold to your shape and will result in a longer lasting, more comfortable corset.... Read more

      After receiving your brand new corset, you'll need to break it in (season it). If you don't season your corset, it will cause damage, so make sure to follow our recommended seasoning schedule below before waist training, tight lacing, or... Read more

      Here at OC, we can’t tell you how many times we get emails or phone calls that ask the question, "My steel-boned corset is fully closed—so why do I measure a few inches more?" The short answer is: your corset... Read more

      Taking your corset off and on can be intimidating, so let’s make it easy with this tutorial! As you may know, corsets are garments which hold a lot of tension. This is what allows that cinch to the waist. Hence... Read more