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      Corset Styles Lookbook

      So…you have your new waist training corset but you’re probably asking yourself, "What do I wear with my corset?" With creativity and a few tricks you’ll be flaunting your hourglass curves in your next #ootd in no time.

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      Want to find the best corset for your body type? Chat with a sizing expert for your personalized corset recommendation and visit our corset sizing guide.

      Corset Looks

      See how other Orchard Corset customers wear their corsets. Featuring conservative outfits, party looks, and casual everyday corset styles, including how to wear your corset with jeans.

      See something you like? Buyer's Guide / Sizing Help / How a Corset Shapes Your Waist / Celebrities Wearing These Corsets

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      CS-201: Hourglass Curve Waspie Corsets

      Best for: Moderate to extreme curves, short to long torsos depending on the look you want.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-201 Corsets

      CS-219: Romantic Curve Waspie Corsets

      Best for: Moderate curves, short to long torsos. Our newest corset style!
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-219 Corsets

      CS-301: Modern Curve Waspie Corsets

      Best for: Most body types and especially short torsos. Those with average or longer torsos not looking to conceal a lower tummy pooch.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-301 Corsets

      CS-305: Modern Curve Standard Corsets

      Best for: Athletic or firm body types, including apple or column-shaped torsos.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-305 Corsets

      CS-345: Romantic Curve Longline Corsets

      Best for: Most builds from slim to natural hourglass with longer torsos.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-345 Corsets

      CS-411: Romantic Curve Standard Corsets

      Best for: Average to long torsos, moderately curvy.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-411 Corsets

      CS-411 Longline: Romantic Curve Longline Corsets

      Best for:Most body types with at least a moderate amount of curve to fill it out and a longer torso.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-411 Longlines

      CS-411 Overbust: Romantic Curve Overbust Corsets

      Best for: Those with a short torso and a B to E cup bra size, depending on your coverage preference.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-411 Overbusts

      CS-426: Hourglass Curve Standard Corsets

      Best for: Those with lots of hip and plenty of natural curve (for extra hip room, see the CS-426 with hip ties). Also, those with a long torso, lots of squish, and some natural curve.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-426 Corsets

      CS-426 Longline: Hourglass Curve Longline Corsets

      Best for: Those with lots of hip and plenty of natural curve and a long torso (seated torso length of at least 11").
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-426 Longlines

      CS-479: Extreme Curve Standard Corsets

      Best for: Avid waist trainers and tight lacers, and those with corsetting experience looking for a vintage shape.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-479 Corsets

      CS-511: Hourglass Curve Overbust Corsets

      Best for: Those with lots of hip and plenty of natural curve and a bra cup size of A to C (or a slightly larger bust size if you're okay with a little "spillage").
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-511 Corsets

      CS-530: Romantic Curve Longline Overbust Corsets

      Best for: Average and long torsos with moderate natural curve and a bra cup size of roughly D to G.
      Size range: 16"-40"

      Shop CS-530 Corsets

      Stealthing: Hiding Your Corset Under Clothes

      Get the hourglass look while hiding your corset under your clothes. Stealthing is perfect for casual corset looks, daily corset wear and waist training, and polishing of dramatic evening wear.

      How to Stealth

      Shop Stealthing Corsets

      Corset Styling Tips

      It’s important to note that when it comes to personal style there are *no* rules. There are types of clothing that cooperate with a corset more than others, though.

      In our opinion, the best pieces of clothing to wear with corsets are:

      • Wrap dresses: A true wardrobe staple! Wrap dresses are wonderfully flattering on any body type; pair one with a corset and your silhouette will turn heads!
      • Knit, wool, heavily textured fabrics: When worn over your corset, these fabrics make your corset almost invisible!
      • Suit & blazer: Need we say more? Your confidence will soar in a posture correcting corset with the clean lines of a well-fitted blazer.
      • Crop tops: When you want to show off your corset, there’s no better top to compliment an underbust corset than a sassy crop top.
      • Skater dresses: Wear your corset over or under in one of our personal favorite wardrobe staples.
      • Rompers: Opt to hide your corset in this look by layering your corset liner, then corset followed by your romper for a carefree and curvy outfit.
      • Bodysuits: we always recommend wearing a liner between you and your corset. Wearing a bodysuit under your corset is a seamless way to wear basic top that won’t budge throughout the day while still making it easy to use the restroom throughout the day. Believe us, unlacing and lacing yourself back up each time you need to excuse yourself isn’t a fun way to spend your day!

      Corsets can be dressed up or dressed down, they are incredibly versatile! Pair your steel boned corset with your favorite jeans and tee for a casual day outfit or with your most daring cocktail dress for a night on the town.

      If you have furry pets, you may like our satin, PVC, or leather fabrics best. Cotton, mesh, and brocade are all beautiful choices, but they can attract pet hair and lint.

      Choose satin, brocade, or lace for an elegant look. Leather and PVC are favorite choices among our more daring customers and just about everyone loves mesh! And for an extra pop, be sure to add your own flair by lacing your corset with satin laces available in a rainbow of hues!

      Our customers are always the biggest source of inspiration for us. You’ll find no better examples of what to wear with your corset than you’ll find in any of our corset outfit galleries. Or, join the conversation and connect with us in our friendly Facebook group to see everyday outfits on all body types!

      No matter what your personal corset style is, check out these corset pro tip videos on how to smooth your corset, tuck in a lower tummy, and get rid of back bulge.

      How to Hide Your Lower Stomach

      When we cinch in our waist, soft tissue moves. For some folks, that tissue will come out the bottom of the corset and create a bulge. Answering one of the most frequently asked questions, "How can I tuck in my lower tummy?" Teighlor shows how to achieve a super smooth corset look.

      How to Handle Back Bulge

      Wearing a corset can sometimes mean redistribution to places you didn't want...including the upper back. So, how do you combat that? Watch as we share some great smoothing secrets with you!

      See something you like? Buyer's Guide / Sizing Help / Celebrities Wearing These Corsets