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      Fajas Colombianas are becoming all the rage for their amazing shaping effect. Check out this FAQ to learn everything you need to know about this fashion trend!

      What is a Faja?

      Originally, fajas were designed in Colombia as medical grade post operative wear to be worn following various cosmetic surgeries. Their purpose was to help with faster recovery, decrease swelling, and ensure proper skin tightening. What set them apart from the standard girdles available in the market was their tighter and stronger hold.

      Latina women, aspiring for an hourglass-shaped and curvaceous figure, noticed the remarkable effects of Fajas Colombianas on their bodies. They embraced these shapewear garments, appreciating their ability to accentuate their curves. From there, the popularity of fajas skyrocketed!

      What are fajas used for?

      Today, fajas are worn by women all around the world, not just for post surgery support but for their shaping and sculpting ability, especially for special events, as well as comfort and confidence in everyday wear.

      Does wearing a Faja reshape my body?

      Fajas are designed to temporarily reshape your body while you are wearing the garment. You can “lose” inches around your waist and thighs, lift your buttocks and smooth problem areas such as belly or back bulge. The benefits achieved when wearing the garment will immediately be gone when you remove the faja.

      Semi-Permanent shaping requires dedication and the use of a steel boned corset. You can read about the difference and which is right for you here.

      Is wearing a Faja safe?

      Yes, when worn properly fajas are safe! Any compression garment or waist trainer corset should be snug fitting, but not so tight as to cause pain or difficulty taking a full breath. A post-surgery girdle for Liposuction or Tummy Tuck should be worn as directed by your cosmetic surgeon.

      What are Fajas made of?

      Most compression body shapers and shapewear like Skims® are made from nylon and spandex or neoprene materials. Fajas Colombianas, however, are made from high compression Powernet that is an industrial-strength and medical-grade textile designed originally for post surgery compression. Fajas Colombianas have much more cinching power than your average grade shapewear.

      Are Fajas only for women?

      No, there are many styles of Fajas Compression garments that are designed for men. Men generally wear fajas for exercise, surgery recovery or to manage medical conditions. Some men also wear fajas to improve their body posture. These garments can be worn in daily routines, during exercise, or even under formal attire, providing a streamlined look and boosting confidence.

      What size faja should I get?

      We recommend measuring according to the size chart below and using their sizing as a guideline. The sizing recommendations under the product descriptions are a result of customer feedback.

      What is the compression level of a Faja?

      We carry three compression levels of shapewear. Level 1: Smooth, Level 2: Shape and Level 3: Sculpt. Stage 1 & 2 are primarily designed with Nylon, Spandex & Cotton and Stage 3 are primarily designed with Nylon, Spandex and Cotton with a layer of 100% Natural Rubber Latex for compression and strength.

      Where can I get a Faja?

      We understand that every woman is unique, and that's why we offer a diverse range of shapewear to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for everyday support or something to enhance your special moments, Vedette Shapewear at Orchard Corset has you covered. Shop our collection today!

      How do I wear a Faja

      Check out this video for instructions on how to wear a faja.