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      The Best Waist Trainers for Beginners

      With so many unique styles to choose from, Orchard Corset has the best waist trainers for beginners of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have ambitious waist training goals or you’re more interested in the gentle smoothing effect that modern shapewear has to offer, this guide will help you to find the perfect waist trainer for your needs.

      What's a Waist Trainer?

      First, a little terminology because the phrase “waist trainers” has been used in a couple different ways.

      • To properly train your waist, you'll need a steel boned waist training corset. So, we refer to a steel boned corset as a waist trainer.
      • Latex shapewear can be used as a tool in addition to your steel boned corset for proper waist training, but wearing a waist cincher alone will not train your waist.

      Read on or check out our Ultimate Guide to Waist Training for more details on what waist training is—and isn't—so you get the results you're looking for.

      Top 6 Waist Training Corsets & Cinchers for Beginners

      Here are the Top 6 Waist Training Corsets and Waist Cinchers for Beginners. Not sure whether you should get a waist training corset or latex waist cincher? Take our quiz!

      Quiz: Waist Trainer or Cincher?

      Also read more about when a waist training corset is for you
      And when a smoothing waist cincher is for you!

      Mesh Hourglass Curve Waspie Underbust Corset: CS-201

      This Hourglass Curve Waspie in lightweight mesh is a customer favorite. Our customers rave about the deceptively comfortable fit of this corset. Extreme curves don’t have to be uncomfortable!

      • This short corset is made from breathable cotton, fishnet mesh
      • The short length at the sides and back gives you all the mobility you need to move about your day without restrictions
      • The extra length at the lower front adds support for the lower stomach, which creates a smooth silhouette

      Worn under your clothing, this curvy corset will give you the hourglass shape you’ve been looking for. Learn how to hide your corset like a pro. Or, if you’re feeling bold, show off your shape with your corset worn over your outfit! Either way, you’ll turn heads in this best-selling mesh waspie corset.

      Star S. loves her Mesh Hourglass Curve Waspie Underbust Corset (CS-201): “Still seasoning it but extremely comfortable! You can’t even feel that it’s on. Definitely a must for a beginner! You’ll love it, I promise!”

      Shop The Mesh CS-201 Waspie

      Mesh Romantic Curve Standard Underbust Corset: CS-411

      This classic Romantic Curve Underbust Corset design gets top marks for hiding under clothing! The simple shape at the underbust and hip line blends into clothing, making it an ideal choice for stealthy corseters.

      This mesh corset style is easy to wear with your daily clothing and comfortable enough to wear all day! Supportive steel boning is surrounded by breathable cotton mesh for unparalleled comfort.

      Milana can’t stop raving about her new Mesh Romantic Curve Standard Underbust Corset (CS-411): “Best thing that happened to me this year. I cannot be happier with my new 411 mesh! Almost no seasoning time, sooo comfortable to wear, supportive but not too invasive at all. Customer service is the best, attentive and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much!”

      Shop The Mesh CS-411 Standard

      Satin Hourglass Curve Longline Underbust Corset: CS-426

      If you’re looking for the classic pinup shape, our Hourglass Curve Longline could be the one for you! This steel boned trainer style is made for those with a long torso and naturally pronounced hip.

      In this longline, don't be worried about back bulge escaping from your corset! Back bulge at the bra line doesn’t stand a chance thanks to the high back design of this corset extending up over the bra band strap.

      Krista H. calls this Satin Hourglass Curve Longline Underbust Corset an “Absolutely perfect corset all the way around.”

      Shop The Satin CS-426 Longline

      Latex Waist Cincher: Vedette 348

      Don’t let the fun styling fool you, the Vedette 348 Latex Waist Cincher is no weakling! High strength rubber latex throughout this cincher makes it among the strongest compression cinchers that we offer!

      The Vedette 348 is a popular choice for working out. Wearing a latex waist cincher at the gym can help you train your posture and engage your core muscles.

      The streamlined design of this waist trainer makes it a great option for daily wear, as well. Wear this cincher under your office attire, little black dress, or casual clothes for a slimmer waist and all around smooth silhouette.

      Powerful Latex Waist Cincher: Vedette 103

      The Vedette 103 Latex Waist Cincher has been one of our top sellers for many years and for good reason! You’ll love the slim silhouette from any angle and the added lower belly coverage from the longline design all around this cincher. Designed to be worn under the bra line for the best fit, this strapless waist cincher smooths from underbust to hip.

      One of the best features of this trainer is the impressive size range it is available in, suitable for petite to plus sizes in 2XS - 5XL! Reinforced channels hold 4 strong but flexible spiral stainless steel bones for even more shaping and smoothing power.

      Latex Underbust Strapped Shaping Cincher with Zipper Panels: Vedette 400

      The Vedette 400 latex waist cincher is one of our team and customer favorites. If you struggle with the dreaded ‘back bulge’ this waist trainer could be the one for you!

      The Vedette 400 has a unique design in the back that extends up over the bra band into fixed, adjustable straps. This will smooth any excess skin or tissue that is sitting around your bra line.

      This surprisingly comfortable waist trainer has a secret weapon to banish any remaining bumps: zippered mesh panels. The first layer of this double layer cincher hooks together with the typical 2-layer hook and eye fasteners that modern waist cinchers favor, and then strong mesh panels are zipped together to smooth any bumps that the hooks left behind. Whether you’re going out or working out, the Vedette 400 will give you the hourglass shape you’re looking for.

      Tracy B. says this Vedette 400 Waist Cincher “holds me in on all of my problem spots! I had gastric bypass and I have a lot of loose skin on my stomach and this hides everything, it makes my body smooth and curvy in all the right places. I absolutely love it!!”

      Shop The Vedette 400

      Quiz: Should I Get A Waist Training Corset Or A Latex Waist Cincher?

      Not sure whether you need a steel boned corset for waist training or latex shapewear for cinching? Take our quiz to find out! And read on for more info.

      A Waist Training Corset Is For You If…

      …You want to look like you’re wearing a corset when you aren’t wearing one.

      Over time, a corset can bring in your natural waistline to give you more of a natural hourglass shape. Similar to braces on your teeth, a steel boned corset can shrink your natural waistline when you wear it regularly to waist train. See before and after waist training results from real Orchard Corset customers.

      …You include Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit on your “waist goals” inspiration board.

      You don’t need to waist train for years to enjoy the benefits! You can expect to see a noticeably smaller waistline when you’re laced into your corset. Most people are able to achieve a reduction of 3-6” with relative ease but you may see an even greater reduction when you’re laced up. See how customers style their corsets.

      …You're looking for back support, too.

      Corsets are so much more than just a pretty accessory! We have many customers who have even gotten their doctor’s approval to wear their corset in lieu of a traditional back brace or even to help manage symptoms of chronic pain. (Always first talk with your doctor about any underlying health concerns before wearing a corset.) Read Hannah story about using a corset for her scoliosis.

      Shop Waist Trainers for Beginners

      A Smoothing Waist Cincher Is For You If…

      …You want waist support and compression during your workouts.

      Traditional corsets cannot be worn while exercising, but modern shapewear is ideal for exercise! Because they are stretchy, flexible, and machine washable, waist cinchers can help you maintain your waist training results and keep your back and core supported while at the gym, safely.

      …You have a big event coming up and you want a sleek silhouette for under your clothing.

      A slimming waist cincher made from latex or nylon spandex can give you the confidence you need to wear that little black dress out on the town.

      …You aren’t sure if corsets are right for you yet.

      A waist cincher is a great way to wade into the corset sea. Although the sensation from a waist cincher is not identical to that of a corset, you can get a sense of whether you’ll enjoy the compression from a corset before you take the plunge.

      Shop Waist Cinchers for Beginners

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