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      What is Corset Stealthing? Tips & Wardrobe Ideas

      Yes, corsets can make a beautiful addition to your outfits. But sometimes you might want the look of that corseted hourglass waist without advertising to the world that you're wearing one.  Enter Corset Stealthing!

      This is where the practice of "stealthing" comes in -- the art of hiding a corset under your clothes as undergarments.  See our collection of our customers favorite corsets for stealthing.

      We work with many women and men who are pros at stealthing. Watch this video for tips and tricks we've picked up over the years to stealth a corset without making it obvious. Or read on for our expert stealthing tips.

      DeVonda W. Stealthing

      Sparrow K. Stealthing

      Eryn S. Stealthing

      1. Make Sure it Fits 

      First things first. In order to hide a corset under your clothing you’ll need a corset that fits you properly. Poor fitting corsets are much harder to hide! If you’re not sure how to choose the best fitting corset for your figure, please reach out to our expert sizing team!

      2. Choose a mesh or satin corset

      Mesh corsets and satin corsets are made with light weight and relatively smooth materials, making them less bulky than standard cotton or leather corsets and therefore easier to hide under your clothes.

      3. Use a Well "Seasoned" Corset

      Now that you have a corset that fits you well… make sure it is fully seasoned before stealthing.  New corsets are rigid and not as easily stealthed as one that has been fully broken in. Not sure how to season your corset? Follow these instructions.

      4. Use Satin Laces

      Swap out the round nylon laces that come standard with most corsets with flat satin laces. The nylon laces that come with your corset can be hidden under clothing, but we have found that satin laces hide even more discreetly!

      Satin laces are flat rather than round and are much less bulky (while still being just as strong!)

      5. Pick the Right Clothes

      How can you pair your corset with your current wardrobe? It’s actually easier than you might expect. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, then you’d likely be most comfortable wearing your corset with high waisted jeans for an ultra cinched look. This look really highlights the corseted waist.  And, as always we recommend you wear something between your body and your corset.  For your comfort, we recommend that you wear a layer between you and your body.  Take a look at our corset liners!

      Use a Belt

      Wear Thicker Fabrics

      Patterned Tops Hide Corset Lines

      If that’s too bold for you (we get it, not everyone wants to have dramatic proportions!) then pair your jeans with a looser fit top or throw a cardigan over the top half! You’re still cinched and supported, but it’s just your secret.

      In general, clothing with textured fabrics can help hide the outlines of your corset. Clothing cut with an hourglass shape (wrap dresses, belted shirts, etc) will make your hourglass shape look more natural. And steer clear of sheer and clingy fabrics! These will show the outline of your underlying corset.

      Some of our team had lunch the other day with their favorite stealthing corsets. We absolutely adore these looks and like to share it with customers when they are stumped on what to wear! While many of these are summer appropriate the looks themselves could be modified with cardigans, full length jeans instead of shorts and other quick changes.  

      Lucy’s Corsetry has the most fabulous playlist called Dressing with Corsets. In this playlist she has a little bit of everything, including specific outfit styles, tricks to create the illusion of an even smaller waist, and tips on hiding your laces. Our standard length CS-411 corset even made the cut for The Best Stealthing Corsets!

      6. Prep for Bathroom Breaks

      It’s time for real talk. Unless you’re a mannequin, at some point during your day you will need to use the restroom. If you layer your clothing and corset in the wrong way, this can turn a quick break into an ordeal.

      There is an easy way to layer for a quick break, though! Our friend Lucy has an exceptional video where she gives tips and tricks on how to easily go about your day in your corset. 

      7. Tweak your Corseting Technique

      Check out Teighlor's video on how to tuck your lower stomach into your corset. It makes a huge difference when stealthing!