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From time to time celebrities, fashion bloggers, magazines and Instagram celebrities will put on or review one of our corsets. We've collected a few of our favorite celeb photos and articles here.


As Seen On: miss jessica Harlow

Glamour blogger & podcaster Miss Jessica Harlow in our red mesh CS-201 corset


As Seen On: Madonna

Madonna in our black mesh CS-201 corset.


as seen on: Gabourey Sidibe

Actress Gabourey Sidibe in our Plus Size CS-426 Black Satin Corset as the April 2017 Cover Star for Nylon Magazine

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as featured in: New York Times Style Magazine

The New York Times Style Magazine featured our CS-426 longline white satin corset in its article Can a Corset Be Feminist?


A post shared by Traci Lords (@tracilords) on

as Seen On: Traci Lords

Actress, clothing designer and director Traci Lords in our black mesh CS-201 corset.


loved by: Tess holliday

Plus size model Tess Holliday in our Plus Size CS-426 Black Satin Corset.


Featured on: How Stuff Works

How Corsets Work

The folks at How Stuff Works put together this podcast about how corsets work (with a little help from us here at Orchard Corset).

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As Seen On: Boldly

We Wore a Vintage-Style Corset for a Day

A few of the ladies at Boldly (formerly Buzzfeedyellow) wore our corsets for a day and found out just what it means to be "laced in".


A post shared by Absentia (@absentia_veil) on

as seen on: absentia

Model and fashion designer Absentia in our CS-426 Mesh Corset.


as seen on: Rachel ann jensen

Vintage glamour model and style blogger Rachel Ann Jensen in our CS-201 Satin Corset.


As Seen On: bianca bombshell

Plus lingerie and pinup model Bianca Bombshell in our CS-426 Corset with hip ties.


As Seen On: vintage vandalizm

Vintage glamour model Vintage Vandalizm in our CS-426 Standard Black Mesh Corset.


loved by: miss victory violet

Pinup model and blogger Miss Victory Violet reviewed our CS-426 Corset with hip ties.

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