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      Why Wear a Corset or Waist Train

      Corsets aren't just for fashion, though they are beautiful and create stunning curves! They're also often worn to "train" your waist to a smaller size, can reduce back pain, boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and offer many other surprising benefits. Explore the ways wearing a corset can actually improve your quality of life.

      In this series, we also break down common myths and even the pros and cons of waist training. After many years and thousands of waist training customers, we want to share tips for the best experience and what you can expect.  

      Waist training is the process of progressively tightening the corset over a period of weeks and months to pull in the floating ribs and even do a bit of rearranging of internal organs to achieve a smaller waist. Waist training... Read more

      Posted on July 30, 2019 It might surprise you (or maybe not!) to know that one of the most common questions we get is: "Why do people wear corsets?" It seems so obvious when you’re a ‘seasoned’ corset wearer or... Read more

      If you’re interested in waist training you might be asking yourself What are the benefits of waist training? Are there any side effects?. Here at Orchard Corset, we think honesty is the best policy and that’s why we have gathered... Read more

      Cramps during your period can be a pain. If you want to get rid of period cramps au naturale, try a corset. Many of our customers have found that wearing a well-fitting underbust corset can help stop the pain that... Read more

      “How do I get a smaller waist?” If you’re here on the Orchard Corset website, this is probably a question that you have already asked yourself at least once before, and if not that, you’ve probably wondered, “Can a waist... Read more

      One of the most common questions about corsets and waist trainers is whether they can help you lose weight. Our corset experts have put together this guide to answer that question. If you need more details or have other corseting... Read more