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      Does Wearing a Corset Help Get Rid of Period Cramps?

      Cramps during your period can be a pain. If you want to get rid of period cramps au naturale, try a corset. Many of our customers have found that wearing a well-fitting underbust corset can help stop the pain that comes with being on your period.

      How does it work? A corset puts gentle compression on your belly and lower back, right where uterine contractions can make you feel painful menstrual cramping. This compression of a corset can help alleviate the pain of your period cramps, whether you feel belly or back cramps.

      Lacing up in a corset offers a snug feeling, a little like a hug. This especially true for corsets that offer a bit more coverage, like our longline underbust corsets. Just make sure to get the right corset size and style number for your body.

      Personal Corset Recommendation

      To help with period cramps, corsets don’t rely on medication or pills, and you don’t need to gulp down certain foods or any other home remedy. (Though you could certainly grab that chocolate or banana if you wanted to!)

      Plus, you can wear your corset while in bed, at home, at school or anywhere you need to be to help get rid of period cramps without bringing heating pads or extra kit with you.

      What Type of Corset Works Best for Period Cramps?

      We recommend an underbust corset during your period. Overbust corsets, while stunning, don’t offer as precise of compression as underbusts. You can also easily stealth with an underbust corset if you don’t feel like flaunting it.

      Make sure that you have a good quality, steel-boned corset. Fashion corsets with plastic boning will crimp and pinch ⁠— not what you want when you already have period cramps. Your corset should also have spiral bones, which offer the perfect balance of comfort (flexibility) and support (compression) that help reduce period cramps.

      Keep in mind that different fabrics have different breathability. Our satin and mesh fabric corsets give you the most breathability and temperature control. Our cotton corsets are some of the coziest fabrics – just make sure to season your corset fully to your body and shape because cotton can feel a little stiff at first.

      Listen to Your Body

      It’s always crucial to remember that everybody’s body is different, and what works for other folks might not be perfect for you. Our tried and true rule rings here: listen to your body!

      To help stop period cramps, start by wearing your steel-boned corset a little more loosely than you would normally and cinch from there, because bloating can be a side effect of wearing your corset too tightly. Your body is already under a bit of duress during your menstrual cycle, so make sure you take it nice and slow.

      Your body is perfectly capable of telling you when something isn’t a good fit, whether it’s the style number, intensity of your cinch, or the time of the month that you’re wearing it. Taking things nice and easy, not over-tightening, and giving your body a break when it needs it are going to be key factors to getting the most out of your corseting experience.

      We're Here, Sister!

      We’re here to help you get the perfect fit. If you have any questions about your corset, we have experts available seven days a week to help you.

      Beyond offering relief from menstrual cramps, wearing a corset can help with other stressors. Corsets have helped others relieve anxiety, some of our customers have found their corsets extremely helpful regarding their scoliosis, and others use corsets for back support or to provide core strength when they’ve suffered a back injury.

      If you have questions, chat with us, call or email us. We’re always happy to share ways to help with period cramps and make that time of the month a little easier.