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      5 Benefits of Wearing a Corset

      Posted on July 30, 2019

      It might surprise you (or maybe not!) to know that one of the most common questions we get is: "Why do people wear corsets?" It seems so obvious when you’re a ‘seasoned’ corset wearer or a long-time waist trainer, but there are plenty of corset-curious folks out there who might consider one if they understood what all the hype was about.  

      We’ve talked with quite literally thousands of women over the last 10 years about their corsetting experiences. Based on their feedback here are the five biggest benefits of putting on that corset.

      1. It’s sexy!

      That’s right. Don’t be shocked or scandalized ... corsets are sexy. It's not just about the look either. Try a corset on sometime. If you’ve got the right size and style, you feel pretty amazing as soon as you cinch those laces. No need to tight lace either, just snug it up to your body.

      2. You lost your waist and want to see it again

      It happens so gradually that we don’t always notice, but one morning you wake up, look in the mirror and realize that your waistline seems to have disappeared! Yes, you can diet, exercise, drop a few pounds ... but let’s face it, sometimes you just want that “look” again NOW!

      We’ve taken a few corsets to a party before (because people are always curious) and the look on a woman’s face when she gets a peek at herself in a mirror her first time in a corset is priceless (and occasionally a little emotional).

      Wondering how a corset might look on you? Have a look at How a Corset Shapes Your Waist.


      Height: 5'8"

      Under bust: 33.5"

      Waist: 29"

      Upper hip: 36.5"

      Torso length: 13.5"

      Corset size: 22

      Best fit: CS-426

      Styles that don't work:
      I'm too curvy so the CS-305 cuts into my hips and ribs and does not put pressure on my waist.


      Height: 5'3"

      Under bust: 35"

      Waist: 34.5"

      Upper hip: 44"

      Torso length: 10"

      Corset size: 26

      Best fit: CS-201 (pictured) CS-426 Short

      Styles that don't work:
      CS-305 & CS-345 are not curvy enough for my body. The CS-511 does not have large enough cups for my breasts.

      3. Back support and better posture

      You'll find many options out there to help with back support and posture improvement, but are any of them as beautiful and versatile as a corset? WE don’t think so!

      You might be surprised at the number of corsets you would find under a pair of loose fitting scrubs or under those orange vests at your local home improvement store. Whether you’re standing for long periods or tied to an office chair for most of your work day, you won’t be able to slouch if you’re wearing a corset!

      4. Waist training

      Well of COURSE we’re including waist training in our list! There is a lot of confusion around this term due to all the recent press from Kim Kardashian and a few others that are using “waist training” to define what they are doing at the gym with a latex cincher.

      However, true waist training requires the use of a steel boned corset to get the semi-permanent results that most true waist trainers are trying to achieve. You’ll find lots more information about waist trainers and waist training on our Waist Training 101 page.

      Before - 35" Waist

      Wearing - Stealthing

      After - 31" Waist

      See more: Waist Training Before & After Examples

      5. Pain relief

      Stories about people achieving pain relief from wearing a corset are our favorites. Unless you’ve lived with chronic pain, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like. But it’s easy to feel the joy from our customers who have gotten at least some pain relief by wearing a corset when they write about it so eloquently.

      From Hannah, who got relief from scoliosis, to Theresa, who suffered severe back pain from a car crash, corsets have helped relieve back pain for many people. Please note that if you are considering corseting for medical reasons you should always check with your doctor.