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      Waist Training Before & After Results

      The first questions we're often asked are: “Does waist training work?” (Short answer, yes!) followed by “How long before I see results from waist training?”

      Here you'll find results from real Orchard Corset customers—people of all shapes and sizes who have waist trained and seen real results. They share their tips for success, plus photos before, after and while wearing a corset. You'll also learn about other surprising benefits of wearing a corset, straight from customers who wear them!

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      Lindsey's Solution to Back Pain

      Lindsey is wearing a Romantic Curve Underbust Corset in black satin (CS-411 Standard) She waist trained for three years to slowly create a dramatic hourglass figure. Gradually, she's reduced her natural waist and can cinch a corset to reduce her waist by another 8 inches. More recently, Lindsey has been wearing our Extreme Curve Underbust CS-479 to amplify her waist training results! You can follow her waist training progress on her Instagram @mslindseyblack.

      Lindsey B. says: "I have a bad back and very bad posture. I used to throw my back out all the time but in the three years I've been corseting I haven't had any issues! Best advice I can give is keep at it, and don't rush! It took me three years to get where I am now. And I did it slowly and consistently. I corset all day, everyday. I just don't wear it while sleeping."

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      Siddeeqah Loses 10 Inches from Her Waist

      Siddeeqah is wearing an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset in black cotton (CS-426 Longline with Hip Ties) Hip ties aren't just super cute⁠—they also add room for curvier hips and create a more dramatic silhouette. Siddeeqah's classic black cotton corset adds curves and style to an otherwise simple look. And it matches her black lace tank perfectly!

      Siddeequah S. says: "I wore my corset everyday for the first few months. I had to break it in and get it adjusted. I noticed it helps with my posture as I suffer from sciatica. I also noticed I eat less because there's no room for my tummy to expand. It's been a year since I started corset training. I have realized the corsets I have now are slightly too big since I lost inches off my waist. I only wear them every now and then around the house or when I'm going to be somewhere for a long period of time."

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      Sparrow Defines Her Curves

      Sparrow is stealthing in an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset in mesh (CS-426 Standard) While waist training, Sparrow's casual look is given a lift by wearing an undergarmet corset. Mesh fabric works well for defining your curves under your clothes while still offering excellent breathability and comfort. Stealthing your corset is a great way to get your waist training hours in while keeping your corset a secret.

      Sparrow K. says: "My biggest tip would be to make sure that you are always comfortable while wearing your corset, whatever that means for you. If you're wearing clothing that feels uncomfortable or awkward, it will be harder to keep your corset on for the length of time you want to."

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      Stephanie Smoothes Her Waist Postpartum

      Stephanie is wearing a Romantic Curve Underbust Corset (CS-411 Standard) in black satin Satin is a versatile fabric that works well over and under clothes. For extra breathability on hot days, Stephanie could alternate it with a mesh version of the same waist trainer style.

      Stephanie J. says: "I wear my corset 4-5 times a week since it gets pretty hot in LA (for about at least 8 hrs). I've seen significant change in my back; I've lost weight and I've had some loose skin in my back area that has smoothed out. My waist also has a more hourglass shape."

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      Ready to See Waist Training Results?

      If you're ready to cinch, chat with our dedicated sizing team. They're available 7 days a week and can walk you through everything from choosing your best waist training corset to learning how waist training works and more.

      Have you seen results waist training? Share your story! We'd love to hear about your experience with waist training and inspire others with your amazing results!

      Briana Boosts Her Confidence

      Briana is wearing a Romantic Curve Underbust Corset in black cotton (CS-345 with Snaps) Briana's CS-345 Hybrid works with a variety of body types. It extends lower in the front and higher in the back for great coverage. The higher back in this corset style helps to smooth out any unwanted back bulge that you can experience while wearing a corset.

      Briana S. says: "When I first got my corset I could barely tighten up the strings. It is a size 18 corset. After a few weeks I was able to tighten it more and more, little by little. I had weighed about 160 pounds. Now I am between 145 and 150 pounds. I am now almost able to close my corset, but not quite. I will get there soon though and I can't wait. My corset gives me confidence, self esteem, and encourages me to eat better and exercise! Love it!"

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      DeVonda Highlights Her Hourglass

      DeVonda is stealthing in a Romantic Curve Underbust Corset in satin (CS-411 Standard) Smooth satin is one of the best corset fabrics for wearing under clothing undetected. DeVonda wears hers with jeans and a casual tee for unfussy curves.

      DeVonda W. says: "I wear it throughout the day when I'm at work, so about 40 hours a week. I tighten it whenever I am able to snap it with out sucking in, so approximately every other week."

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      Savannah Finds Her Feminine Curves

      Savannah is wearing an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset in mesh (CS-426 Standard) Mesh is an Orchard Corset favorite for warm days. In ultra-feminine pink, it also adds a punch of fun color to Savannah's dark floral dress. The importance of Savannah’s sensible waist training advice cannot be overstated! We encourage you to follow her lead and enjoy your waist training journey at every stage.

      Savannah J. says: "I'd say I do 5 days a week and anywhere from 3-8 hours. Take it slow and use waist training to inspire you. The corset can be a little piece of self love and fun femininity you can lace into everyday. You're beautiful without/before, during with and without the corset and after you hit your goals."

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      Marisa Sees Quick Results

      Marisa is wearing an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset in black satin (CS-426 Standard) Marisa's regular waist training helped her trim her waist by 3 inches and highlight her curves in just a few months. Her black satin CS-426 is a versatile choice that can be worn under clothes and looks great as an outer layer, too!

      Marisa G. says: "I've worn corsets for a couple years, but I didn't get serious about waist training till about 4 months ago. I wear my corset for 8-16 hours a day. Plus sleeping in one 4 nights a week. My ultimate goal is a 23 inch waist."

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      Morgan Flattens Her Belly in Just a Month

      Morgan is wearing a Romantic Curve Underbust Corset (CS-411 Standard) in black satin This waist trainer has helped Morgan smooth and compress her belly in just over a month, flattening out her look from the side and creating a beautiful natural curve from the front.

      Morgan V. says: "I wear my corset at least four times a week for about 3-6 hours a time. I would say to take it slow and wear your corset when you feel it's best because you'll see improvements even without rushing it."

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      Jessica Trains Her Waist While Losing Weight

      Jessica is wearing an Hourglass Curve Corset with Hip Ties (CS-426 Longline) As she loses weight, Jessica has adjusted her shape into a curvy hourglass by waist training. Her black-on-black cotton corset and dress combo is an elegant and subtle way to wear a corset over clothing.

      Jessica A. says: "I typically lace up five days per week, after work. From the time I get home until bed is about 5 hours. At first, I was very inconsistent with my waist training. In the last several months, I've made it part of my daily schedule to put my corset on at night after work and train until bed time. Just this consistency has made a huge difference! I am also losing weight through a healthy diet, but the waist training has changed my normally "apple" shape dramatically as I've lost weight! My advice would be: be consistent, whatever that looks like in your life, don't give up, and have fun!"

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      How Soon Can I See Results?

      Waist training is a safe, effective way to shape your waist and accentuate an hourglass figure when done properly. You’ll notice real results like improved posture and a boost of confidence right away. The physical waist training results take a bit more time to see, but with dedication, consistency, and constancy you could begin to see physical changes in as little as a month like our customer Morgan!

      Although there’s no way to know how quickly somebody will have noticeable waist training results there are some things that you can do to improve the likelihood that you will see results more quickly.

      Wearing a corset as often and for as long as you can comfortably wear it is the quickest way to see waist training results. Some people find out that they see results wearing their corsets for just a handful of hours a day, a few days a week, though!

      Dawn Goes from Cosplay to Waist Reduction

      Dawn is stealthing in an Hourglass Curve Underbust Waspie Corset (CS-201) With a short silhouette, a waspie offers comfort and mobility that's perfect for daily waist training. Dawn hides her corset flawlessly with high-waist jean shorts and a textured top.

      Dawn C. says: "My first "real" corset was the CS-201 Waspie. I bought it during the Black Friday sale. I use it for primarily cosplaying, and occasionally, severe bloating. I am mostly a stealth wearer. I wear 4 days per week for at least 8 hours. Start slow, don't expect over-night results, and never exceed your own personal comfort level. Slow and steady wins the race."

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      Blair Sizes Down with Her Waist Trainers

      Blair is wearing a satin Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset (CS-426 Longline) The longer length of this corset offers full coverage and extreme curves for bodies with extra natural curve and more experienced waist trainers like Blair.

      Blair C. says: "I've lost about 8" uncorseted and have used 3 different size corsets. I am now in an 18" corset! I love wearing corsets and seeing my waist shrink, it really works!"

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      Emmaleen Recommends an Ideal Fit

      Emmaleen is wearing an Hourglass Curve Waspie Corset (CS-201) in lace weave The feminine, lightweight lace and shorter silhouette of the CS-201 make for weightless waist training that is extra breathable. It also looks stunning when paired with Emmaleen's pale swimwear and bright hair!

      Emmaleen C. says: "I wear my Orchard Corset 4/5 days a week, for approx 6-8 hours a day. I would say to stick with an underbust as it allows for freedom for bras/tops. Obviously, diet and exercise play a part in figure, but a well fitting corset you'll actually wear plays a huge role in success."

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      Waist Training Helped Eryn Lose Weight

      Eryn is stealthing in an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset (CS-426 Standard) The CS-426 style is perfect for those with extra natural curve and more experienced waist trainers. Eryn pairs it underneath a patterned shirt that perfectly hides her corset while letting her curves shine through! Eryn used our waist training advice to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day for more comfortable waist training.

      Eryn S. says: "Learning how to bend over has probably been the hardest part of waist training. After about a month of wearing the corset 9+ hours a day I started to see a change in my shape. After 6 months I noticed a decrease in my belly fat and an increase in my hourglass shape out of the corset. At 12 months I have a nicely pronounced hourglass waist out of the corset. Learning to not over eat while wearing the corset was a big change for me as well. My meals changed to several small meals throughout the day. I have lost 15 lbs and I'm happier than ever."

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      How Long Should I Wear My Corset?

      As long as you are listening to your body and not experiencing any pain you can wear your corset as often and as long as you would like, though we do recommend taking a break of at least an hour each day. You’ll begin to notice that you can wear your waist training corset cinched in more tightly the more frequently that you wear it. This is a sign that you are training your waist to become smaller.

      If you'd like to start waist training but are worried that you don't have time to wear a corset in your day-to-day life, sleeping in your corset is a great way to waist train for long periods of time without affecting your daily life.

      We recommend that you first season your corset and take short naps wearing your corset to get used to sleeping and laying down in your corset before sleeping in it for the entire night. As a waist training tip, we recommend tucking a pillow under your lower back to give it some support if you sleep in your corset. Your lower back naturally has a curve to it and your corset can straighten it just a touch too much when you are laying down. Many of the customers featured on this page spent hours sleeping in their corsets to help achieve their waist training results.

      Jackie Shines in Her Waspie

      Jackie is wearing a red Hourglass Curve Underbust Waspie Corset (CS-201) in PVC vinyl The shorter length of the waspie makes for greater mobility and comfort, so much so that Jackie even sleeps in hers! One of the best kept waist training secrets is to sleep in your corset. Stealing those long stretches of your time when you’re at rest can make your waist training experience even quicker.

      Jackie D. says: "My waist measurement at the beginning of my journey was 39 inches. My favorite corset style right now is the cs 201 in pvc though the same corset in satin is a close second!! I have recently begun lacing in while I sleep. I lace about an inch to an inch and a half looser than daytime hours and prefer a waspie style as I am an active sleeper. I am a huge advocate of listen to your body!! If you need to, loosen(or tighten) or remove! I am currently measuring at 35 inches uncorseted."

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      How Does Waist Training Work?

      Combining your waist training regimen with a diet and exercise program is a great way to help boost your waist training results. Waist training alone can not affect your soft tissue or burn fat in problem areas, but you can train your bottom two ribs to pull in at your waistline and give you more of an hourglass figure. Waist training pulls the natural waistline in at the base of the rib cage, sort of like braces on your teeth. Diet and exercise work on the soft tissue that is on top of the rib cage.

      When you combine your waist training program with a diet and exercise program, you’re able to see even more results because you’re pulling the waist line in at the rib cage and also sculpting the soft tissue that sits on top of the rib cage. However, you can still see great waist training results without diet and exercise as some of our customers featured here have experienced! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Waist Training in 2020 page to learn more.

      Although a corset does not cause you to lose weight directly, some people find that a corset acts a bit like an external lap band while they are laced in. You may find that eating many meals throughout the day with smaller portions is more comfortable than the traditional 3 large meals in a day. As a bonus, some people find that they are able to eat more consciously while waist training because they are listening to their body more and even drop a few pounds that way!

      Bree Ads Curves While Maintaining Her Waist

      Bree is wearing an Hourglass Curve Underbust Longline Corset with Hip Ties (CS-426 Longline) in black cotton As Bree has gained weight while waist training, her silhouette has become curvier while her natural waist has stayed the same. The hip ties offer extra room for her curves! Bree enjoys one of the often forgotten aspects of waist training: improved posture at your 9-5 desk job! Instead of the usual 3:00 pm slump at her keyboard, Bree is able to maintain her strong posture.

      Bree B. says: "I'm not a die-hard waist trainer, but working a computer job it's helped me keep a correct posture during the days. I've actually put on 15 pounds since I started and am lacing tighter than I could before I began, and have maintained the same measurements that I had before I started. I'm fairly well hooked! (From the images you can see how drastic curves can become after you start getting squishy.)"

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      Corseting Helps Vivianne Relieve Social Anxiety, Too

      Vivianne is wearing an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset (CS-426 Longline) The longer silhouette offers greater back coverage of and accommodates Vivianne's accentuated hourglass shape. Many people find that wearing a corset can help to alleviate feelings of anxiety because of the hug-like sensation a corset creates while training their waist at the same time.

      Vivianne A. says: "I have gained about 10 pounds in the last year, but my waist is still smaller and more defined since I started waist training two years ago! I used to be much more "column"-shaped, with love handles.

      I wear my corset less in the summer due to intolerance to heat, but even then it is maybe 4 days a week minimum. Usual is 6-7 days a week, and 8 to 16 hours a day depending on the days and activities.

      Waist training is addictive! I own so many corsets, a majority of them from OC, and still want/need more! I do it mostly for the relief I get from my social anxiety; my corsets are truly an armor between me and the world, they stabilize me and keep my nervous tummy rumblings under control. But I've always been drawn to the beauty of corseted outfits, and how amazing they look has given me a confidence I never had before. All this started with my first corset, a simple black cotton CS-201 purchased 2 years ago! :)"

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      Nancy Dramatically Reduces Her Waist

      Nancy is wearing a Modern Curve Underbust Waspie Corset (CS-305). By wearing her corset regularly, Nancy has reduced her natural waist by an impressive 6 inches in just over a year. She also has an important piece of waist training advice for all of the waist training beginners- don’t exercise in your corset! See all of our .

      Nancy I. says: "I started (waist training) almost a year ago. I was at a 30" waist & I had problems with love handles. I then discovered waist training. I wear my corset every day from morning until before I go to bed. Mine is unnoticeable and I love the silhouette it gives me. I was able to run around school and work while wearing it, though it is NOT used while exercising ... you will ruin the corset. The more you wear it the better the results. You have to have patience and dedication. If you want real results they do not happened overnight. I have lost 6 inches. I'm at a 24" waist & I am currently wearing a 20" corset. Hard work pays off."

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      Jessica Ads Curve to Her Slim Silhouette

      Jessica is wearing an Hourglass Curve Underbust Corset (CS-426 Longline) Jessica naturally has a long, slimmer silhouette, yet she's still been able to train her waist into a more defined curve shape in just a few months.

      Jessica A. says: "I started off only waist training 4 hours a day for the first month. For the past couple months I've also been sleeping in my corset. It took about two months before I could really see some changes in my body."

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      Anna Improves Her Posture

      Anna is wearing a Romantic Curve Waspie Corset (CS-411) in a beautiful floral brocade. She started her waist training journey by sleeping in her corset and was met with great success!

      Anna E. says: "At first, sleeping with the corset on was the easiest. Doing this every other night already made me feel like I achieved a better posture. After a few months wearing the corset every day - even for a few hours - and watching my diet a bit, I started seeing promising results. I quickly closed my corset (size 22)! Now I wear it every now and then for support, while deciding on what corset to get next."

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      Interested in Refining Your Curves?

      Learn more about waist training and corsets in our Corset Library series on getting started with waist training that gives you all the juicy details for success!

      The Ultimate Waist Training Guide

      How Do I Track My Waist Training Results?

      1. Take well-lit photos. We encourage you to take photos before you begin wearing your corset, as well as weekly progress photos in your corset and out of your corset. You will love watching your progress week by week!
      2. Keep a journal. Whether you write down your natural measurements in a paper notebook or in a notepad on your phone, you will be so grateful you took these. For the most accurate measurements, we recommend using a soft fabric measuring tape. Many people like to take their measurements at the same hour each time they measure as well.
      3. Ignore the scale. The way you feel in and out of your corset is what matters most. To track your progress, refer to your photos and waist training journal for the most accurate measure of your results.

      Share Your Waist Training Story

      Have you tried waist training and want to share your results? Please introduce yourself and give us a sneak peak of your waist training results below and we'll be in touch to hear more!