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      Corset, Cinchers & Fajas Sizing & Guides

      Looking for your size? Curious which waist training corset or shapewear style fits you best? Find your ideal corset or Vedette shapewear that suits your purpose, whether for waist training, fashion, costume, drag, back support for desk jockeys, and more!

      We pride ourselves in offering corsets and shapewear for every body--all shapes and sizes.  So finding the best style and size can be a little tricky at first. That's why we've compiled these helpful sizing and corset style guides. (After all, we're not talking about T-shirt fits!)

      And, if you want a helping hand, our sizing team is available to assist you in finding your perfect fit 7 days a week! We're always happy to help!

      Sizing a corset is complicated. For the best fit, you need to consider a combination of corset size, corset style, your squishiness and natural body shape. At Orchard Corset, we have options to help you find a great corset fit:... Read more

      With so many unique styles to choose from, Orchard Corset has the best waist trainers for beginners of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have ambitious waist training goals or you’re more interested in the gentle smoothing effect that modern... Read more

      "Which corset is best for me?" Great question! If you're just starting out, the easiest way to know your ideal corset style is to chat with our sizing experts. They have years of experience fitting corsets and can help you... Read more

      Want to start waist training? Know the difference between steel boned corsets and latex waist trainers first, so you see the results you’re looking for. We share the most important differences between these helpful garments—each designed for different purposes and... Read more

      We carry a wide variety of waist training corsets to accommodate most body types.  If you have questions about which style and curve is right for you, please reach out to our sizing experts for help! Style Look Silhouette &... Read more

      Use this Corset Comparison Chart to find the right corset for you! Julie Height: 5'8" Under bust: 33.5" Waist: 29" Upper hip: 36.5" Torso length: 13.5" Corset size: 22 Best fit: CS-426 Styles that don't work: I'm too curvy so... Read more

      The terms faja or shapewear refers to a broad category of women's undergarments that are designed to slim, support, control and shape a woman's figure. This buyer's guide is intended to help you choose the right shapewear for your body type,... Read more

      Here you can find a list of our faja shapewear styles. For more details, measurements and available sizes, download the Shapewear Comparison Chart below. Style # Look Type Design Features 100 Level 3: Sculpt Strapped Underbust Waist Cincher Straps for... Read more

      We receive tens of thousands of corset sizing help requests through email, chat and social media. Often, we find that people are in between sizes or have a couple of sizing options based on the corset style, their goals and... Read more

      Depending what you need, some of our corsets can be ordered with hipties. But how do you use them? If you're wondering whether hipties are right for you, just reach out to our real live, friendly corset experts. We're always... Read more