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      Orchard Corset Reviews

      When you shop with Orchard Corset, you’ll be met by a small team of real people dedicated to helping you feel awesome!

      We pride ourselves on quick, friendly responses to your questions and concerns and after just one order, we think you’ll agree that we have lightning fast shipping!

      Meet the Team

      Obsessed. Simply put.

      I absolutely love my new corset. I finally caved and bought one from OC, and I couldn’t be more happy with how great the quality is and how comfortable it is compared to some of the others I’ve tried over the years!

      Maybe I’ll actually get to my goals and stick with it this time! The staff/team is so amazing to work with. I measured and ordered without consulting first. And it didn’t fit well, it closed without any fight. So I contacted them seeing if I could exchange and they were more than happy to do so and make sure I got the right size and style! Once again. More than happy and simply obsessed! I cannot for the life of me remember the style I got but it’s a 26. [We figured out it's a CS-426] and stealthing it is easier than others! 🖤🕸 Thank you so much!!

      -- Courtney G

      What are folks saying about Orchard Corset?

      Souljagurlsha has an impressive Orchard Corset collection, featuring almost all of our corset styles from Modern to Hourglass curve. She absolutely adores our Romantic Curve Underbust, the CS-411 standard, but shows in this video how fun it can be to try a new style!

      Great first corset!

      I've wanted a corset for a long time. I had some help from some of your employees choosing the correct one for me. It was a lovely experience and the corset is exactly what I wanted.

      Fits well, sizing was perfect and it is comfortable to wear even as a beginner with corsets. Plan to purchase more in the future!

      -- Jennifer K

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      Kelly Lee Dekay is an experienced tightlacer and has trained her waist for many years. She is also personally acquainted with some of the highest quality corsets that are currently available and when she shared her thoughts on our quality, we were shocked and humbled!

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      I ordered this corset and realized I ordered an incorrect size. This is the second corset I have ordered from Orchard but a completely different style. I contacted your team to generate an exchange and dropped it in the mail back to you. You all reached out to me to confirm sizing and and refilled my order.

      I have to say, I have several friends who recommended Orchard Corset and from my very first order you all have been EXTRAORDINARY in Customer Service. Here we are a year later and you are are STILL FABULOUS; even in light of our current situation in the world.

      I seek businesses out who stand by their products AND their customers and you all epitomize what great customer service means. I will continue to share my experience with others and continue that circle of gratitude!

      -- Tamela G

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      Love it!

      I have a short waist and large bust so I have been discouraged for a while about finally starting corset training. Fortunately this fits amazing! Glad I trusted in Orchard Corset!

      -- Telisha K

      Shop Her Corset

      Aji shares her experience with Orchard Corset's customer service team and shares her corseting tips. Thanks Aji!

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