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      Orchard Corset Product Quality Promise

      What We’ve Heard

      We’re grateful to our loyal customers who brought corset quality issues to our attention over the last couple of years. Especially through COVID we saw more defects in our products than normal:

      • One of the most common issues that we faced was with our popular mesh corsets. Sometimes we saw tearing or runs in the fabric because the corset wasn’t stitched properly or the fabric was compromised during construction.
      • There have also been instances of unfinished thread or uneven stitches on the front busk of a few corsets. When stressed during regular seasoning, the busk would pop out or the metal and rubber tip would be visible through the front seam.
      • Crooked front busks have been another defect that we’ve seen, generally caused by uneven waist tape inside the corset.

      Whenever our customers saw any construction issue with their corset, we immediately replaced it with a new corset totally free of charge. We always want to make sure that our customers are thrilled with their corsets and appreciate those who let us know of these quality issues so we could fix them.

      Product Quality Challenges

      The responsibility for these real quality issues lies with us. Our team, although they are experienced at quality control, were unaware of the extent of these issues until they were brought to our attention by our customers.

      Initially it was tricky to identify the underlying problems because the same type of damage can occur when corsets are improperly seasoned or over tightened. We have and continue to actively address any quality issues due to improper construction with our manufacturers.

      What We’re Doing to Improve Quality

      We’ve expanded our quality control system with our inventory and shipping departments.

      • Our inventory team checks every shipment for the specific corset defects we experienced like crooked waist tapes and untipped bones, improper measurements and color consistency between dye lots.
      • Our shipping team inspects each corset before it gets wrapped for delivery. They look for blemishes in the fabric, shredded laces and other corset defects.
      • If a defect is discovered, we send our manufacturers a video to correct the issue quickly. We have found this to be a much more effective way than an email conversation to resolve specific issues and ensure the superior quality of our corsets that we expect.
      • We refreshed contracts with each of our manufactures, clearly communicating down to every detail our expectations for quality and holding them accountable for corsets that are not made to our agreed upon standards.

      We’ll Make It Right

      In spite of our quality improvements and best efforts, infrequently a corset with a hidden defect may be shipped to a customer. In this case we always want to be made aware of the defect!

      Please let us know and we’ll replace your corset at no cost to you, thanks to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that comes with all of our products.

      Our Priority: Your Positive Experience

      Going forward there should be few, if any, defective issues with our products as a result of our new quality controls both with our team and our manufacturers.

      Customer satisfaction – your satisfaction – is always our priority. The key differentiator between us at Orchard Corset and our competitors is that we strive to have the BEST customer care and corset sizing experts in the world and we do everything that we can to achieve this goal. Hear more from our customers!

      If you experience any corset defect issues, please chat with our team, send us a message, or give us a call at 509-888-5554, and we’ll make it right.