Corset Style & Buyer's Guide

"What corset do you suggest for me?" We get this question every day from women who are shopping for corsets. See here a guide to choosing the best corset for your style and body type.

Consideration #1 - Length

Corsets, like people, come in different lengths. Choose a corset style that fits the length of your torso. (How to measure for your torso length.)

  • Standard = Long at the front but not the sides: Standard length corsets work for women with a torso length of about 9″ or more (seated measurement).
  • Long ("Longline") = Long or "longline" corsets will need a torso length of about 11″ or more (while seated) to allow the wearer to sit while corseted.
  • Short ("Mini") = "Wasp waist" or "mini" corsets can accommodate torso lengths as short as 7.5″, but also work great on just about everyone else!

Short Lengths:

Standard Lengths: CS-411, CS-426 short, CS-305CS-530 & CS-345

"Longline" Styles:
CS-426, CS-345 & CS-511

Consideration #2: Plus Size vs Standard Size

Corsets come in two sizing series depending on your corset size. Sizes 32 and under are considered "standard". Sizes 34 to 46 are considered "plus size" ( plus size sizing video). Need help determining your size?

Consideration #3 - Shape & Curve

Corsets come in different shapes and levels of "curviness." Your best shape & curve depends on a combination of your body type and experience with corseting.

CS-201 Waspie Corsets

The CS-201 is a ridiculously comfortable corset that "hugs the body" without an extreme cinch. And, because it is relatively short, it will fit most body types and torso lengths.

  • Curve: Moderate / Extreme
  • Torso Length: Short / Standard
  • Dimensions: 9.5" Front / 8.75" Back / 7.25" Side
  • Best for: If you are "hip-py" with a short torso (under 8") and lots of natural curve.
  • Not Recommended: Women with less natural curve.

CS-305 Standard Corsets

CS-305 corsets are designed for an average torso length and women with less natural curve, especially at the hip. If your hip-to-waist is small, this is the best corset for you (until you train your waist down and move into a curvier style).

  • Curve: Minimal
  • Torso Length: Standard
  • Dimensions: 10" Front / 10.5" Back / 9.5" Side
  • Best for: Athletic (less naturally curvy) builds
  • Not Recommended: If you have lots of natural curve.

CS-345 Hybrid Corsets

The CS-345 corset offers great versatility. It rides higher in the back to help avoid back bulge, but is short enough in the front to fit many body types, from a slim athletic build to the more curvy. If you have a torso length of 9″ or more, this corset should fit.

  • Curve: Moderate 
  • Torso Length: Standard / Long
  • Dimensions: 13" Front Center / 13" Back / 10" Side
  • Features: 6 hidden garter tabs
  • Best for: Slim builds to natural hourglass builds
  • Not Recommended: If your torso length is less than 9".

CS-411 Corsets

The CS-411 corset is a popular style that will fit many shapes. It has the same curve at the waist as the 426, but is a few inches shorter and does not require an ample hip. It is similar in length to the 305, but has a greater curve from the waist up to the bust and down to the hip.

  • Curve: Moderate / Extreme
  • Torso Length: Standard
  • Dimensions: 10" Front / 10.5" Back / 8.5" Side
  • Best for: Most body types. However, you need at least a moderate amount of curve to fill it out.
  • Not Recommended: If you have an extreme athletic build or very low waist to hip ratio.

CS-426 Short Corsets

The CS-426 Short corset is for those that want the extreme curves and contoured underbust of the CS 426 Longline, but don't have the torso length for the longline corset. Check out our video to see how the two compare.

  • Curve: Moderate / Extreme
  • Torso Length: Standard
  • Dimensions: 10.5" Front / 11.75" Back / 10.25" Side
  • Best for: Bodies with a good bit of natural curve.
  • Not Recommended: If you have an extreme athletic build or very low waist to hip ratio.

CS-426 Longline Corsets

The best-selling corset style, the CS-426 features an extremely contoured underbust and longline length that extends down over the hips for most women.

  • Curve: Extreme
  • Torso Length: Long
  • Dimensions: 13.5" Front Center / 13" Back / 12" Side
  • Features: 6 hidden garter ties, and some variations come with hip ties
  • Best for: Long torsos with natural curve
  • Not Recommended: If you have a short/standard length torso. You need a longer torso to make this corset work (as well as ample curve at both ends).

Consideration #4: Fabrics

After we have recommended a size and style for a customer, one of most commonly asked questions is "Which fabric is best?" The answer depends on a few factors. The fabrics used to make corsets (cotton, satin, mesh, brocade or leather) are all high strength, but some are better for certain uses than others.


Best for:

  • Wearing under clothes
  • If you have pets that shed

If you plan to wear your corset under your clothes we suggest satin. Your clothing will glide over the top of the corset like a slip under a dress rather than clinging to it. Lint and pet hair won't cling to the satin fabric either, which if you have pets may be a big deal for you!


Best for:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Breathability

Not recommended for:

  • Wearing under your clothes

If casual comfort is more your thing, cotton is the fabric for you! Cotton takes a bit longer to feel like it's broken in, but once it is it will be as comfortable and easy to wear as your favorite denim jeans. Stealthing in cotton corsets is a little trickier because of the thicker fabric with more texture.


Best for:

  • Outfit accessory / classy style
  • Durability

The brocade fabrics are a gorgeous, thick polyester blend that almost feel like a tapestry or upholstery fabric. They look more elegant than a plain fabric and can add something a little extra to your outfit. As it is a thicker, woven fabric it will take more wears for it to be as comfortable as a thinner fabric, but once it is broken in it will be a comfortable and classy addition to your wardrobe.


Best for:

  • Style

Not recommended for:

  • Wearing under your clothes
  • Daily waist training

Lambskin leather is incredibly supple, and it is comfortable almost immediately. Lambskin isn't the stiff and rigid leather most expect when they think of leather fabrics. Although your clothes won't cling to this fabric if you wear it under your clothing, it does have a bit more bulk so it's better to wear it over your clothing and show it off. We don't recommend daily waist training in leather, as it can stretch out slightly over time.


Best for:

  • All around use
  • Wearing under clothes
  • Use in summer or hot climates

Mesh is comfortable and easy to wear under or over clothing. Because it's a breathable mesh, it's particularly useful in the hot summer months. It also creates a great silhouette because there is so little bulk to the corset.

Consideration #5: Overbust vs Underbust

This is mostly a matter of preference. First-time corset wearers will find an underbust corset easier to fit, wear and break-in than and overbust corset. However, if you plan to wear your corset out on the town or for a special event, consider an overbust style!


CS-511 Longline Overbust Corsets

The CS-511 longline corset is is the overbust twin of the CS-426 style. You will need to meet all the requirements of the 426 to wear the 511, and have a cup size between A-C.

  • Curve: Extreme
  • Torso Length: Long
  • Cup Size: A to C
  • Dimensions: 15.5" Front / 16.5" Center Bust/ 13" Back / 14" Side
  • Features: 6 hidden garter tabs
  • Best for: Long torsos with natural curve and a cup size A-C.
  • Not Recommended: If you have a short or standard length torso, or have an athletic build with little natural curve at both ends. If you have a large bust, you may not be comfortable in this style as the cups are on the small side.


CS-530 Overbust Corsets

The CS-530 offers a similar cut to the CS-345 (high over the hip). It offers fuller coverage over the breasts than the overbust 511 and sits high in the back. We have a more in-depth video blog that really showcases this versatile overbust corset. Most off-the-rack corsets do not offer adequate bust room for women with an ample bosom. The 530 has a more bust room and does not require the full hip needed to fill out the 511.

  • Curve: Moderate
  • Torso Length: Standard / Long
  • Cup Size: D to G
  • Dimensions: 15" Front / 16.25" Center Bust/ 12.25" Back / 11.5" Side
  • Features: 6 hidden garter tabs
  • Body types: Standard / long torsos with moderate curve and a cup size roughly D-G.