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      Meet the OC Team

      Did you know that Orchard Corset's a small business? We're proud to employ a small team where each person is a valued and important member. Read on to learn more about our awesome team!


      CEO, COO

      Rachel Enjoys: I love spending time with my husband watching movies and eating great food. I won't say no to a glass of nice wine every now and then, either!  

      I’m passionate about my animals and currently have three cats, Rory, Purrcy and Celia, and a dog, Indiana. I am an avid reader of all kinds of books and read as often as I can.  My preferred vacation spot is Maui. I love the sun, beach and ocean breezes!

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: My absolute favorite is the Satin Romantic Curve Standard Underbust CS-411 Corset. I have way too many of them to pick just one color or print, though I do especially like my first corset, which is black satin, and my old limited edition galaxy print. I like the CS-411 best because it's got a great level of curve for my shape so it just hugs everything perfectly and the length gives me great torso coverage while still allowing me the freedom of movement I need to get things done.

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      Wendy Enjoys: When I’m not working I’m planning on playing! I have two boys that are out of the house, my husband, and two dogs. They keep me active and on my toes! We spend most of our summers camping, hiking, kayaking and hanging out with the winter we snowshoe and ski.

      I love the seasons in the Pacific Northwest and look for almost any excuse to just get outside. When I need a little R&R, I sneak away with my hunny for the weekend or getaway with girlfriends on wine tasting adventures or to the beach. I love the balance between my OC family and home, and have the best team and job in the world!

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: I was new to corseting when I joined the OC team and at the time our Hourglass Curve Waspie CS-201 Underbust Corset was a little more gentle in shape. I grew attached to a black lace CS-201 and it is still by far my best fitting corset!

      Now, when I’m looking to add a new corset to my wardrobe the Modern Curve Waspie CS-301 is my go-to. Even though I'm almost 5'8", I have a VERY short torso with almost no room between my ribs and hip bones. This short corset fits me like a full length underbust and I wear it when I want to lose a little weight and at my desk for back support or when I’m just feeling the need for a hug!

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      Amazon Marketing & Logistics Manager, Customer Service Supervisor & Sizing Expert

      Teighlor Says: Hi! I'm Teighlor. I usually go by Terler in the office. I was so knighted by the previous customer service manager, Amber. I am Orchard Corset's biggest fan! No one gets more excited than I do to see what our next limited edition will be. I started waist training with OC in 2016 and I've done my best to wear them daily since. It was such a cool feeling to get hired by a company I had so much love for already. I'm also the coldest person in the office without fail, you'll never see me without multiple layers.

      When I’m not working I love to spend my time outside. Hiking and biking are how I spend most of my time when it's warm out, but I am getting into climbing. When it's cold out it's harder to find the motivation to do anything but I've started snowshoeing to help keep from going into winter hibernation. Going to our state's biannual giant hippy gathering is my absolute favorite event(s) of the year.

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: The Hourglass Curve Waspie Underbust Corset CS-201 in lace is my favorite because it is so short you hardly feel like you're wearing anything. It's the most comfy option for me for training down, and it's the only option we always offer in the lace.

      Satin laces are my favorite accessory because they are an inexpensive little touch that can totally change the look of a corset. When we have limited edition laces that come out in colors I just have to have, I make sure I order a set because even if I don't have a corset now that they would go in you never know when they will be just the perfect thing for a new limited edition color!

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      Shipping Manager, Amazon Assistant, Customer Service Team Member & Sizing Expert

      Krista Says: I have been with OC since 2018 and I can honestly say it's my favorite job EVER. I think it's also safe to say that I'm not the quietest gal in the office. ;) I don't take things too seriously, and always happy to bring some shenanigans to my days at work. Scaring the gals in the office is definitely a huge highlight to my day!

      When I'm not at the office, I am with my fam! The kids, hubs, and I love camping and being outdoors! My husband and I LOVE cooking, so on the weekends there's usually some new recipe we just "have to try". Watching football games during football season is a must at our house. Football Sundays are for mimosas and yummy appetizers ;)

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: My favorite is the Hourglass Curve Standard Underbust Corset CS-426 in black mesh! It's super comfy, and very versatile. Always running warm, the mesh is the best option for me. Black goes with everything, so that's a given ;)

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      Social Media Coordinator

      Aelish Says: I love spending time with my mini poodles and cat, while daydreaming about novels I want to write someday. My husband and I are huge fantasy nerds and enjoy reading and watching shows together. Social media is a huge part of my life, and I enjoy connecting with people online and in person! Come visit us on our social media pages and say hello!

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: My favorite corset would be the CS 201 waspie! My torso is very short so it fits my curves perfectly. It's incredibly comfortable and offers back support when I need it. I don't feel constricted at all, and it's really easy to move around in! Plus I look and feel fabulous which is a huge plus.

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      Inventory and Shipping Supervisor

      Amanda Enjoys: Exploring! Whether it's a new place, a different experience or just a new movie.

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: It's hard to pick a favorite. I only own the ones I love (my corsets have their own closet at home). I suppose perhaps the 345 for fashion and the 426 standard length for a tight/curvy cinch. ; )

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      Customer Service Team Member & Sizing Expert

      Jessica Says: As a busy mom, I don't have a lot of time for myself, so working part time at OC has been such a blessing. The environment is so fun and we have a blast! On my down time I love spending time with my husband and three kiddos. Paddleboarding and hiking around our beautiful Wenatchee valley are some of my favorite things to do.

      Favorite Orchard Corset Product: My favorite corset would have to be the 426 standard Mesh in beige. I can wear it comfortably under clothes or on top as a fashion statement.

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