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      Seasoning Your Corset 101

      Updated on July 30, 2019

      Seasoning your corset is the process of slowly breaking in your corset. It allows the steel bones of the fabric to slowly mold to your shape and will result in a longer lasting, more comfortable corset. The seasoning process also gives your body some time to adjust to the pressure of a corset.

      How To Season Your Corset

      When seasoning your corset, it’s important that you DON’T lace too tightly. Lace your corset so that it is snug. It should feel like a hug, not a vice. You should be able to easily slide several fingers in the top or bottom of your corset.  

      Always wear something between you and your corset, this will not only make your seasoning process more comfortable but will also be more comfortable in the long run. 

      For the first few days wear the corset just a couple of hours each day. Increase the time you wear your corset according to our Corset Seasoning Schedule. The boning will take on your shape as the corset adjusts to your body. Trying to force the corset too quickly can damage and warp the boning-and cause you some discomfort as well.

      After wearing your corset for 30-45 minutes, it’s OK to tighten it up a little bit more. This applies not just to those who wish to waist train, but also those people who have purchased a corset for a special occasion like a wedding or event. It’s just as important to break your corset in prior to the event date (so don’t wait until the last minute to order your corset ).

      It’s worth noting that a corset that is closer to your natural shape will season faster than a corset that is not.

      Seasoning For Waist Trainers

      For those of you looking to begin a waist training program, especially an aggressive one that involves wearing your corset for long periods of time (over 6-8 hours every day), it’s especially important to properly season your corset.

      As your corset will endure more wear and tear than occasional use corseters, we recommend gradually increasing your time over the course of 10-14 days. Take your time lacing yourself tighter-don’t rush it! Everyone wants to see results TODAY ... but you risk damaging the corset and making yourself uncomfortable if you try too much too soon.

      Your patience will be rewarded with a form-fitted, beautiful corset that will last AND give you the curves you want!

      What a Seasoned Corset Looks & Feels Like

      You'll know your corset is seasoned when:

      • the bottom and top edge really hug and mold to your body
      • no gapping at the top and bottom edge
      • the hooks and pins pop right into place
      • the laces glide easily through the grommets