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      How to Care for and Lace Your Corset

      Breaking-In (seasoning)

      When you receive your corset you'll need to season it (break it in). Failure to season your corset properly can and will cause damage. It is essential to season your corset before beginning waist training, tight lacing or special occasion use.

      • Wear for short periods of time (60-90 minutes), increasing the time every 2-3 days.
      • Don’t overtighten - just pull your corset snug.
      • After about 60 min, you can tighten your corset a bit more.
      • Repeat this 8-12 times, increasing your time a bit each wear.
      • Check out our handy Corset Seasoning Schedule
      corset seasoning schedule



      • How do you clean your corset? Don't wash it! We recommend taking your corset to an experienced dry cleaner if needed. Never machine wash your corset. You may spot clean with a mild detergent and allow to dry.
      • Air out your corset after each wearing by placing it lining side up and center it over a hanger or chair.
      • A small amount of fabric freshener may be used between cleanings on the inside lining only. Be sure to dry completely before storing. Never dry your corset outside as sunlight can damage the fabric.


      • How should you store your corset? Once your corset is fully dry you may store on a hanger in your closet. A plastic bag over the hanger will keep your corset in pristine condition or, if you prefer, we have corset storage cubes specifically designed for this purpose!