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      How to Properly Take Off A Steel-Boned Corset

      Taking your corset off and on can be intimidating, so let’s make it easy with this tutorial! As you may know, corsets are garments which hold a lot of tension. This is what allows that cinch to the waist. Hence why it is so important to fully loosen up all of that tension, and remove the corset carefully. It may sound tedious, but we assure you that it makes the world of difference in the long run.

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      Step One: Untie and loosen your Laces!

      You will need to untie the bow on that back lacing, and start pulling out at the X’s until you can work your way to the top and bottom X’s of the corset. Once you have done this, you should feel the torque loosening around your waist. It is a good rule of thumb that if you feel no pressure around your waist (not even snug like a hug), it is safe to begin the next step.

      Step Two: Unclasp the Pins and Loops along the Front Busk!

      Now, there is absolutely no order in which the loops and pins need to be unhooked. It is just what is easiest for you. You want to be sure that you are not bending the busk in any which way, as the boning in that part of the corset is our flat steel boning (which moves back and forth only, but does have the capacity to be warped).

      This is where the importance of loosening that back lacing comes in. As if you were to attempt removing the pins and loops from one another while all of that tension is still there, it may cause added stress to the busk which results in a popped pin, or warped busk (bent loops).

      Step Three: Remove the Corset!

      Once the laces are completely loosened, and the front busk is unclasped, you are free to take the corset off! Once you have removed it fully, be sure to store it properly to ensure the fashion fabric is not damaged over time (hanging to air out with the inner lining facing up).

      With the addition of many new corseters (and we adore you all), we have many corsets that need to be exchanged for a different size and/or style. Unfortunately, some of these corsets are being returned in not-new condition, and in other circumstances, warped. This damage happens when our customers try on the corset (and perhaps realize pretty quickly that they have ordered the wrong size or style), followed by quickly removing the corset. It is very important to loosen the laces properly and completely BEFORE detaching the hooks and pins at the front busk, as otherwise you can risk warping and even bending the flat steel bones. It is a good tip to keep in mind that if the back laces are not fully loosened, the bones are being contorted, hence the warped curvature in the front busk. It just takes an extra minute or two to ensure the longest life of your corset!