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      What is Regencycore? How to Get the Bridgerton Look

      Obsessed with Season Two of Bridgerton? Same. We just can’t get enough of the glamorous 18th-century-inspired regencycore fashion.

      Who doesn’t want to live out their dreams of walking across a misty moor in the early morning, awaiting your perfect suitor, wearing a satiny dress giving you the look of gracefully floating? Ah, yes—but how to pull off the stunning regencycore look exactly?

      What is this regencycore we speak of?

      If you’re not familiar with Bridgerton, think of shapely corsets, puff sleeves, empire-waist dresses, and opulent accessories and shimmer.

      Like the cottagecore trend that came before it, which featured flowy nap dresses and neutrals, regencycore leans into classic feminine stylings and fantasy worlds of yore.

      The first season of Bridgerton was a flurry of delicate pastels, silks, lace and beading with expertly stealthed corsets beneath. In Season 2, we see a different array of ball gowns and dresses in richer, deeper colors, sturdier fabrics, and...more corsets!

      Broadening the colors in this season’s palette offers more versatility to your Bridgerton-inspired outfits, too!

      The key element to Bridgerton fashion: the classic feminine bodice

      Even the most stunning empire waist dresses in Bridgerton loses its luster without the right corset underneath. A structured corset creates the tapered waist, elegant posture, and boosted bust that elevates every look—whether you’re wearing a nap dress, ball gown or even everyday jeans with your corset.

      Which corset, you ask? Peruse our favorite corsets and corset tops below to anchor your regencycore outfit.

      Our high quality steel-boned corsets offer structure with flexibility so you can comfortably wear your Bridgerton outfits all day long. And the soft satin fabric is perfect for adding a shimmer to your look or smoothly stealthing your corset underneath.

      Navy satin hourglass curve longline overbust corset top CS-511

      Just this year we released the fan-favorite hourglass curve corset top in navy satin. Not only will the smooth satin stealth beautifully under your dress or shirt, it also gives you that same boosted look to your bust that we see the women of Bridgerton aiming for.

      Dressing up and wanting to steal the show? We’ve got you covered. Our beautiful friend Starla loves to use the CS-511 as a corset top, which works gorgeously. You can embody your true #RegencyCore dreams by replicating this look with long satin gloves and sparkling headpiece.

      You can also wear the hourglass curve CS-511 corset top as a casual chic look with jeans with just enough nod to the regencycore trend to inspire the mist on your next waterfront stroll.

      Bridgerton-inspired fashion is one of those things that you can truly make your own, whether you want to stick more closely to the show’s fancy aesthetic or step outside the box to add a little shimmer to your day.

      Pink satin romantic curve underbust corset CS-411

      Want the best of both worlds? Dayna vamped up our romantic curve corset in pink satin with a dark lip and arm accessory. This beautiful corset comes in a variety of fabrics and colors, depending on what you’re looking for. The softness of the satin adds a luxurious edge to your outfit and easily stealths under your outfit.

      Modern curve waspie corset CS-301 in black cotton

      Bridgerton’s ladies aren’t limited to ball gowns and pearls. Take Kate. Not only does she stomp through the bog to get her croquet ball—never one to forfeit for anything—we also see her as a competitive equestrian and a sharpshooter all while looking stunning!

      Orchard Corset’s very own jack-of-all-trades team member Candy loves wearing her modern curve standard underbust CS-305 in cotton when she goes horseback riding, especially on chillier days when the sturdy cotton fabric not only offers a little extra back support but warmth, too.

      How can you bring regencycore into your daily fashion?

      Who doesn’t love to dress up for a ball? Rhetorical question. Even still, bring the fun of regencycore fashion into your daily looks by weaving it into your favorite closet staples. Here’s the keys to effortlessly creating an elegant everyday Bridgerton-inspired look.

      1. Start with the classic feminine bodice. Either stealth your corset as a foundational garment under your clothes or highlight it as a shimmering focal point of your Bridgerton attire.
      2. Embrace puff sleeves. Paired with a corset over the top or hidden underneath, puff sleeve tops can be dressed up or down and even create a professional look for the office.
      3. Pair with a flowy skirt or casual jeans. We love an empire waist dress, but they can be tricky to weave into a casual daily fashion look. Instead, pair your corset with a billowy skirt or comfy jeans to gracefully dress down.
      4. Accessorize. Victorian hair pins, satin bows, a pearl have options to give your look true regal status. Feminine details like lace, embroidery, and embellished handbags can also elevate your regencycore fashion.

      Find the right corset for your style and your body

      Elegance and style are paramount no matter what year you’re living in: we get it! This is why we have such a wide variety of styles and fabrics for off-the-rack corsets.

      Breathability and luxurious sparkle with durability, or the “just right” in-between, we’ve got something that will likely work for everyone–whether you’re trying to catch the eye of your favorite suitor at a ball or besting them in croquet.

      Even better, sizing experts are available 7 days a week to help you find your perfect fit!

      Personal Corset Recommendation

      Remember: corseting is fun! Wear your corset the way that makes you feel the best, and feel free to share your Bridgerton-inspired looks and outfits (or otherwise) with us by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what stunning outfits you can style with your corsets!