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      Corseting with Scoliosis

      Hannah shares her story of how wearing a corset has helped her manage her scoliosis. Corseting for scoliosis can be a great way to wear a garment that hides neatly and offers back support, without the bulk of wearing a brace! Not only do corsets come in fun fabrics and colors, but they also contain 16-26 flat and spiral steel bones for structure and support.

      (Psst—We aren’t doctors and are not giving medical advice. We just want to share Hannah's story of how corseting helped improve her life. We always recommend that you check with your doctor before corseting for medical reasons. We have heard of many doctors that recommend corsets for scoliosis, but your doctor will be able to speak on behalf of your unique history.)

      Hannah's Story

      I purchased this corset to wear under my clothes semi-regularly and to sleep in. I have a 34 degree lower lumbar curve from scoliosis and wore a Boston Brace between the ages of 13 and 16.

      Having gone 5 years without bracing and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis and loose joints, the pain was becoming unbearable. My torso was so stiff I was unable to bend at the waist without 30-45 minutes of intense stretching and limbering. Not wanting to pursue spinal surgery, I decided to try corsetry.

      Instead of getting steel rods inserted next to my spine to straighten it, I’d surround my torso with steel rods that would create a waist shape I like and would hopefully create a wider gap between my ribs and pelvis on the one side, which was crushing tissue and nerves between the bones.

      It’s been incredible. I sleep in the corset every night with no issue and wear it to work where I’m primarily sedentary. I have a larger range of mobility in the corset than I did before wearing it and when I take it off I’m able to bend at the waist with no issue. When I wake up, I can get out of bed immediately, rather than having to stretch and pull and push my body back together so I can move. I’ve also been able to go without my usual pain-killlers, which has been fantastic.

      I’m so, so thankful for this corset and will definitely be a committed customer. If these are the results I can see after only a week, I can’t wait for the future!

      Hannah wears our Romantic Curve CS-411 standard underbust corset in beige mesh. This fabric offers the comfort and support needed in a situation like Hannah’s, and it hides beautifully under clothing! Mesh is the most breathable fabric we offer and the strong cotton waist tape and spiral steel bones provide excellent structure for support.

      Customer Corset Stories

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Hannah! The team here at OC is all incredibly moved by your story and love reading about how corsets have changed your life.

      Interested to learn more of the surprising benefits of corseting? Discover how a corset could help you!

      If you, or someone you know has their own personal experience with how corseting changed their life, be sure to contact our customer service team. We love hearing how corseting has transformed the lives of our lovely Orchard Corset family!