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      Teresa is an inspiring mother and grandmother who was horribly injured in a car crash in 2014. Corsets played a big role in her recovery and pain relief. We are grateful to be able to play a small part in rebuilding her health and wellness.

      Hear her tell her story...

      NOTE: If you are corseting for medical reasons, make sure to check with your doctor first.

      A dark day

      On May 18th 2014 my husband SSgt Panez and I were driving back home from visiting some great friends. Unfortunately, a drunk driver invaded our lane and we were T-boned on the passenger side.

      My husband and I were injured severely. My husband suffered head trauma along with hand and knee injuries.  I suffered a broken chest plate, 5 broken ribs on the right side, bruised ribs on the left, a fractured vertebrate, bruised heart, jaw issues and lots of torn muscles. While I was in the hospital I was told the damage would need a life long recovery.

      I was placed into a brace that prevented further injuries on my spine. I was told I had to wear it for at least a year depending on my recovery.

      I had to do everything in this brace including taking showers. My husband and I were emotionally and physically overwhelmed with this sudden change in our lives, after all, no one ever expects to be hit by a drunk driver on the road. This experience is and always will be hard to speak or write about because my husband and I almost lost our lives that night.

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      Pain...and relief

      Once I was told by my doctor that I could remove the brace my recovery would actually reverse due to non movement of certain muscles. He was right...I went backwards!! I felt pain and discomfort 24 hours a day... that was a challenging time for me and I knew I had to do something to help ease the pain.

      I was told about Orchard Corset by my daughter Crystal, who came to visit me during my recovery.

      My daughter went to OrchardCorset.com and helped me to order my first corset. All I could think about was...I pray this corset will help ease some pain.

      Once my corset arrived, my daughter helped with putting it on. This is where my story changes!!! I could instantly feel some relief!!! Just like that!!! I was, and still am, amazed on how my core felt supported. I could sit better, stand better, move around with more comfort and more importantly, I finally found something that could work for me.

      A hopeful sign

      Today I still suffer from back pain and at times my chest will ache and I do have other jaw injuries. But when I slip into an Orchard Corset I can feel relief. Finding what works for you plays a big part in recovery...only you know your body and what helps to comfort it. I have chosen to not medicate throughout my recovery and that is why I am so grateful to have learned about Orchard Corset and what they offer.

      I would like to say that Orchard Corset has served me in more than one way. For example, I went through emotional stress because of how the injuries changed the look of my body. I've always taken good care of myself and now I had an image complex due to the injuries. Orchard Corset has allowed me to wear the clothing that just did not look right during my recovery and made it look like a brand new fashion!!! I loved it.

      I wear my Corsets everywhere!!! And people love them...and my new look. I am always being asked about my corsets and why I wear them...so I tell them a short story about my accident and how these corsets help with support.

      With great faith, dedication and exercise along with my Orchard Corsets, I feel like I am gaining back my strength and complete life.  If you need other support because of any back injuries your suffering from...give Orchard Corset a chance, they have changed my life.

      Another test

      Several months after the accident, I had to depend on Orchard Corsets for support again. During the time I was recovering from the car accident my husband and I were involved in, I had to be admitted for emergency surgery. I noticed that my abdominal area was having many issues. I was examined many different ways and doctors could never find anything wrong other than torn muscle and bruising because of the impact I had endured from the seat belt strapped around my abdominal area.

      I knew it was more than that and we later discovered it was so much more. I was admitted for surgery and the problems I was experiencing were corrected. Now it was time for the recovery stage. My abdominal area was very swollen and I was going through so much pain because of movement. I had to walk to get those muscles going and it was hard work but I pushed through it.

      Family...and Corsets

      As I sat one evening thinking of ways to help ease the pain I realized that I own Orchard Corsets.   I was told about abdominal binders for surgical support but I wanted to try my corsets. Believe me when I tell you that the front lower part of my corset supported my incision and it helped to keep the swelling controlled. It was amazing especially when I sat down or stood up.

      Usually I had a pillow that I hugged for support when sitting or standing...I did not need the pillow any more! I asked my doctor if I could wear my corset during this period of recovery and he said yes. He just advised me not to tighten it too much.

      I wore my corset throughout my recovery and it helped so much. The sturdiness and design of the Orchard Corsets is perfect and I was able to look great once again wearing such a beautiful corset. I have thanked Orchard Corset many times for providing the perfect product that gives so much to its customers. If you're waist training or looking for additional  pain relief and or abdominal support...give this product a try...you'll be very satisfied and pleased.

      Once again thank you Orchard Corset for helping during my time of need.

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      I would also like to say thank you to all my children and grandchildren for the support and love from far far away. To my husband, my Marine, my Hero...thank you for keeping your promise. To all the Marines in 29 Palms CA who took care of me...you have my heart! God Bless and stay safe.

      All Images: Courtesy: Teresa