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      Deep Pressure Stimulation: You Say Corset, I Say Hug

      Jessica reached out to us because she wanted to share how she uses her corsets to help achieve a similar effect to deep pressure stimulation therapy, commonly used to help those on the Autism spectrum feel a sense of calm and peace.

      Over the years at Orchard Corset, we have had the opportunity to work with people all over the world who use their corsets for reasons beyond just waist training or fashion. It is our passion to share corset information with the world so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share her story!

      We are not doctors, bodies are very unique, and what is working for Jessica may not work for you. That said, it is our hope that her story is able to help even just a few people who can relate!

      What is Deep Pressure Stimulation Therapy?

      We have all used deep pressure stimulation therapy in ways that we may not realize:

      • When you swaddle an infant, you wrap their limbs tightly against their bodies and wrap their body so they cannot move. This overall sense of security provides a feeling of calmness in the swaddled infant.
      • Dogs can wear thunder jackets to help soothe their nerves during times of anxiety, rather than barking all night; they're offered that same sense of security.
      • A corset can help to achieve this same overall feeling of calm and safety by giving a gentle squeeze that feels like a hug at the torso.

      While deep pressure is considered to provide a sense of calm, sporadic light pressure can cause feelings of agitation and excitement. You can think of these two more easily if you compare deep pressure to a comforting hug from a friend and light pressure to tickling or even that pesky loose hair that keeps touching the back of your arm. When laced into a corset, your hug follows you around all day and can help ground you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated.

      If you’re worried that you’ll need to tight-lace to the extreme to achieve this effect, don’t be! Even when laced at a moderate reduction, you’ll notice the gentle hug all over your torso. You are able to control how tightly the corset is laced, so you can choose how much of a hug you want to feel one day to the next day.

      Read on to learn more about Jessica’s personal corset experience and if you’re interested in finding out more, just drop us a line!

      Jessica's Story

      After years of wondering what it would be like to wear a corset, I stumbled across Orchard Corset’s website. That was the final push I needed to order one for myself and finally see.

      I was a little apprehensive that maybe the corset I had ordered was an impulse buy that would wind up in a drawer somewhere, but then it arrived. When I first tried it on, I fell in love with the feeling of wearing it and instantly knew that wearing a corset was going to be a long-term practice for me.

      I’m on the autism spectrum, which is something I never thought would relate to corsets, but I began noticing that rather than wearing a corset feeling like a regimen, I was just really enjoying wearing it. As soon as I broke it in, I began sleeping in it overnight, and when staying away from home one night, realized that I slept better with my corset than without it, after only sleeping in it for a few weeks.

      I just wish I had known sooner what a corset could do for people on the autism spectrum. -Jessica

      When I was little, I had always preferred “squeezy” clothing and that had been one of the first indications that I was on the autism spectrum. So naturally, I began to wonder if there was any correlation between how calm my corset made me feel and my being on the spectrum.

      I remembered something I had read about Temple Grandin’s studies on how compression can affect people who are on the autism spectrum and people with attention deficit disorder. So I did some research!

      Corsets create a “deep pressure” that results in a lowered heart rate, promotes focus and creates a strong sense of security. The sensation produced by corsets correspond exactly with the same sensations created by weighted blankets and compression vests, tools many people with autism find calming. And that’s not just for people with autism, ADHD, or generalized anxiety disorders. On most people, a sensation of steady compression has a relaxing effect the body, lowering heart rate and soothing anxiety.

      For me personally, my autism comes with sensory issues that often makes unexpected physical contact really uncomfortable. Unfortunately being uncomfortable with unexpected touch often leads friends and family to believe you're uncomfortable with all touch. Not being comfortable with physical touch=no hugs. This hug deprivation doesn’t sound like a big deal, and it didn’t seem like a big deal. Until I started wearing a corset and I realized I could feel like I was receiving a hug all day every day. Having control over the amount of pressure and how long that pressure lasts has allowed me to enjoy a sensation that normally is, at best, uncomfortable.

      Corseting has lead me on a round-about loop of discovery which helped me explore an aspect of myself that I was unfamiliar with, not to mention the unintentional waist training. My natural waist lost 2 inches!

      Wearing it helps keep me grounded, centered, and comforted which has been absolutely fantastic in helping me get to sleep, which is something I used to struggle with.

      - Jessica

      Jessica's Corset Solution

      Jessica is shown wearing the popular Mesh Hourglass Curve Underbust, CS-426 longline. This is her best fit corset style to wear because she has a defined waistline and pronounced hips naturally, but you may have better luck with a different style because of your unique shape!

      We have a friendly, real live team of sizing experts available to help you find a comfortable corset for deep pressure stimulation therapy like Jessica or for your own individual purpose.

      all women are warriors

      Shop Her Style

      More Benefits of Corset Wearing

      Many people find that wearing a corset can help with their general anxieties, too. A common side effect of anxiety is that sense of panicky breath and otherwise fluttery sensation in our stomachs. When you're gently cinched into a corset, you are more connected to your body and many people find that they are able to better control their breath to a normal rate.

      Another benefit of wearing a corset is the improved posture which will help you to stand up tall. “Fake it ‘til you make it!” is an often overused phrase, but in this case we absolutely think that a bit of help in standing up straight to fake some confidence can help to calm us down in times of stress.

      Whether you are looking for deep pressure stimulation therapy because of a sensory condition or you are a person with generalized anxieties, corsets can be a worthwhile way to help provide an overall sense of calm and peace to those who wear them.

      Share Your Story

      If you have a story that you want to share with the world, please reach out to us. We would love to learn more about your corset experiences and you could be featured on our website!