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      Sleeping in a Corset

      Should you sleep in a corset?

      If you're serious about waist training, sometimes you'll find it hard to wear a corset as often as you like. Running late out the door to work? Or the corset just doesn't work with your outfit? How can you clock more waist training hours?

      What if you could wear your corset for 8 hours everyday without worrying about any of those issues? Well YOU CAN! Pro waist trainers often sleep in their corsets.

      If at any point you have a question not answered here, just reach out to our real live, friendly corset experts. We're always excited to help!

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      Tips for sleeping in a corset

      In the video below, Cheri and Jennifer discuss wearing a corset while sleeping. There's two main takeaways:

      • You likely won't be able to lace yourself as tightly as you do during the day. You can either loosen your corset an inch or so for sleeping, or, use an older, bigger corset that you have used for waist training. That should give you a few more inches for comfortable breathing.
      • Adjust your sleep position or use supportive pillows, so you don't need to engage your core all night. That can get old pretty quickly!

      Finally, choose the corset that feels the most comfortable for you (you can quickly try our Corset Calculator for a recommendation). And remember that while sleeping in your corset is an option, you do not have to sleep in your corset to see desired results when waist training.

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