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      Steel Boned Corsets with Hip Ties

      Welcome to our Hip Tie Corset Collection! 

      Our Hip Tie Collection was created exclusively with help from Lucy.  These highly versatile corsets were inspired when Lucy purchased a Pinstripe, Hourglass Curve CS-426 Longline and created an instructional You Tube video on how to add hip ties to your corset. 

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      Most people who are familiar with corseting are familiar with Lucy from Lucy's Corsetry.  Our family at Orchard Corset has had a long relationship with Lucy and often refer customers to her site for information that is unavailable on our own.

      We loved Lucy's idea so much that we took it to our manufacturers and asked if they could reproduce this style for our customers.  Working with them, we created a pattern for the new design and a partnership was born between Lucy and Orchard Corset.  These beautiful corsets bear both the Orchard Corset tag and the Lucia Corsetti tag.  Lucy receives a royalty in perpetuity from Orchard Corset for each hip tie corset sold.