Steel-Boned Longline Underbust Satin Corset w/ Hip Ties



Larger corset sizes available

How can you make our fan favorite CS-426 even better? Let Lucy add her own unique flare! This 426 steel boned waist trainer can add several inches (up to 4") to the hip spring of your corset for our natural Level 4 ladies. The contoured and curvy shape of the CS-426 remains exactly the same-we have just added hip ties for added flare and fit. We offer satin ribbon laces (in sets of 2) to adorn your new corset. The CS-426 is made with a contoured underbust line that is curved to fit directly under the bust and is longer in the torso than our standard underbust corset (this video will you determine if you are long enough). Lined in 100% cotton for durability and comfort. Sizes 16-32.  Larger corset sizes available.


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