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      Cosplay Corsets

      For many cosplay pros the corset is an essential component of the costume making process. Why? Most animated and comic book characters have unnatural, dramatic proportions that can be best achieved with the help of a steel boned corset.

      Find the perfect steel boned corset for your cosplay. From anime to steampunk, Orchard Corset has the right corset for your look. 

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      We asked some of our customers for their tips and tricks in creating their cosplay characters, here are some of their answers.

      @crystalrosecreations: "Anybody of any size can wear a corset. However I know a lot of my plus size men and women have trouble when it comes to spandex such as Spider-Man costumes or superhero costumes. Some don't like the extra pudge they have in the belly area when wearing Spandex which is totally understandable. I myself do not like wearing Spandex without a corset. Wearing a corset while wearing Spandex helps to smooth out the body to make the spandex fit more comfortably. My recommendation is to wear shapewear over the corset to help smooth out the lines so they don't show through the spandex or other cosplays."

      @parisburns: "It is definitely worth investing in a quality corset that is the correct fit for you and getting used to wearing long before the day of the convention. If you plan on wearing the corset underneath your costume I would also recommend starting with a skin toned corset and using thick quality tights and bodysuits to smooth everything out, especially for underneath tight stretch fabrics."

      @crimsyn.co: "Corsets are a great tool that can be used in a variety of ways. I tend to use them to create specific silhouettes as well as foundation devices to support larger pieces of a costume, but there are many more ways than that to use them!

      Also, don't be afraid to customize and decorate your corset! If your character has gems, fabric, or anything else that goes over the corset, feel free to apply that to the corset. Rhinestones and Corsets will always look beautiful together! ;"