Plus Size Underbust Longline Mens Corset in Black Satin


USD $79.00

Introducing the CS-701, our first, specific for men, waist trainer corset!

This strong handsome corset is specially designed to bring out the best in the male physique. This corset pattern has a larger rib and narrower hip, opposite of the rest of our collection.  This pattern is also great for women with long torsos that tend to be more apple-shaped. 

The CS-701 Longline underbust steel boned waist trainer is made with a slightly rounded underbust line that is curved to fit directly under the bust and is long in the torso.  This beautifully tailored satin corset will give you sleek lines both under and on top of your clothes.  Standard Size Men's Corsets Also Available.

Best for:  Long Torso Length
Boning:  24 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
Dimensions:  14" Front Center / 13.5" Back / 11" Side
  • 24 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones
  • Long Torso Length
  • Dimensions: 14" Front Center / 13.5" Back / 11" Side
  • 100% Premium Satin Outer Fabric
  • 100% Cotton-lined Bodice and Modesty Panel
  • Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training
  • Pre-laced in a Bidirectional Fashion
  • Rigid Split Front Steel Busk
  • Moderate Curve Silhouette
  • Includes Corset Care & Lacing Instructions
  • 6 Hidden Garter Tabs


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