Sizing 301

This corset is designed for tight-lacing and waist-cinching, and sizing is based on the corset completely laced shut. We recommend that you order 4-7 inches below your natural waist measurements to allow for cinching.Plus sizes (waists over 38 inches) should order 7-10 inches below. So if you have a 29 inch waist, we would recommend that you purchase a size 24. A size 24 will have a 24" waist when fully laced shut. The bottom edge will measure about 5 inches larger than the waist, and the underbust is about 3-4 inches larger when laced shut-but remember the corset only runs about 3.5" above and below your natural waistline. Available in sizes 16 to 46 in 2 inch increments.

See our sizing page for additional information.