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      What do you do with returned corsets?
      • If they are in new condition, they are cleaned and returned to stock. If they are returned to us in any other condition, they are offloaded to a local eBay seller to sell at a discounted price.
      Do you sell your items on Amazon?
      • Yes, we do! We have an Amazon store that we have worked hard on! You'll find many of the same products and always the same quality available on our website with Prime shipping!
      Is Orchard Corset a large company?
      • No, we are a small business located in Wenatchee, Washington. We have less than 15 employees total! Our warehouse is very much our second home, complete with family lunches!
      Do you have as much fun at work as it looks like you do?
      • Totally! We are big fans of shenanigans here! We like to scare each other and we regularly play pranks on one another.
      Where are your corsets manufactured?
      • We have a handful of manufacturers that we have worked with for many years in Pakistan.
      Do you sell wholesale?
      • As a rule, no. However, if you have a business plan that you think would be mutually beneficial, we would love to hear it. Email customer service at info@orchardcorset.com and they can pass your request on to the right people.
      What is your relationship with the NYC store, Orchard Corset Discount Center?
      • We are separately owned and operated. We share some of the same manufacturers but pricing, policies, and products available differ.
      Do you accept returns from the NYC store?
      • No, we do not. Anything purchased through the online store cannot be returned to the NYC store and visa-versa.
      How do I sign up for the loyalty program?
      • Register by clicking the loyalty tab on the left hand side of the page and hitting "sign up". As long as you're signed in when you make purchases, you'll start earning points! Learn all about OC Rewards, here.
      Will any of my past purchases count towards loyalty points?
      • They do not, only purchases going forward will accrue points.
      Can I special order a certain color or fabric?
      • Not at this time, but if you have any awesome ideas, email us at info@orchardcorset.com and we can add your suggestion to our master list!
      What forms of payment does Orchard Corset accept?
      • Lots! Specifically: Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Klarna Slice It, Paypal, Visa, Discover, American Express & Mastercard.