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      Save 20% on eligible orders with SAVE20 coupon code

      • Buy 2 or more regular priced corsets and receive 20% off eligible items in your order (excluding shipping costs and any ineligible items)
      • Applies to all regular-priced corsets only.
      • Clearance and sale items are NOT included
      • Non-corset items (belts, Vedette, cinchers, accessories) are NOT included

      Return information regarding discount:

      • If all items are returned, a refund will be offered for the amount paid for product (shipping costs are not refundable)
      • If partial return results in the order not meeting the SAVE20 requirements, the refund amount will be adjusted accordingly.  We will apply our OCVIP 10% discount to your remaining corset.
      • This applies to any discounts with minimum order requirements
      • If you are exchanging corsets your discounts will remain intact, even if there is a price difference, as long as all products are eligible.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service folks with any questions!