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      One of most common questions that we get asked is “Which fabric is best?” All of our stock fabrics:  cotton, satin, mesh, lace, brocade, PVC and leather are beautiful and made of very high strength materials. But all of the fabrics do have pros and cons and one may be a better option for you than the others. Below is a list of the most common types and our recommended use.
    • Satin - If you plan to wear your corset under your clothes we suggest satin. Your clothing will glide over the top of the corset like a slip under a dress rather than clinging to it.
    • Mesh - A lightweight and breathable material. It’s comfortable, easy to wear under or over clothing, you can wear it in the hot summer months without getting too warm, and it gives a great silhouette because there is so little bulk to the corset.
    • Cotton - If casual comfort is more your thing, then cotton would be the one for you! Cotton takes a bit longer to feel like it’s broken in, but once it is, it will be as comfortable and easy to wear as your favorite denim jeans. Wearing cotton corsets under clothes is a little trickier because of the thicker fabric.
    • Brocade - The brocade fabrics are a gorgeous, thick polyester blend that almost feel like a tapestry or upholstery fabric. They look more elegant than a plain fabric and can add something a little extra to your outfit. As it is a thicker, woven fabric, it will take more uses for it to be as comfortable as a thinner fabric … but once it is broken in to your body, it will be a comfortable and classy addition to your wardrobe.
    • Leather - Our lambskin leather is incredibly supple. It’s a material that is comfortable almost immediately. Lambskin isn’t the stiff and rigid leather that most people expect when they think of leather fabrics. Although your clothes wouldn’t cling to this fabric if you wore it under your clothing, it does have a bit more bulk to it, so it’s better to wear it over your clothing and show it off. We don’t recommend daily waist training in your leather corsets though; as leather is a natural skin and can stretch out slightly over time.
    • PVC - PVC is a fun, sexy and exciting fabric that we carry in black and red.  It takes a little longer to season but when done properly molds beautifully to the body creating gorgeous curves. PVC, also referred to as latex or vinyl is generally worn for style and as an outfit accessory.  Although we do not recommend it for wearing under your clothes... it is surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear and lets face it...you'll look HOT!