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Steel Boned Waist Training Corsets: Overbust and Underbust Styles in Satin, Mesh, Cotton, Leather, Pinstripes and Brocades

Authentic steel boned corsets for waist training, support and style statements

Corsets have been around for well over a century, originally made from whale bone and then later steel bones to provide strength and support. Today, women of all shapes and style sensibilities have rediscovered the corset's versatility to not only accentuate and embrace a woman's curves, but to provide relief and support for back, fashion, costumes and waist training. Featuring satin, cotton, pinstripes, brocades and leather corsets, our selection includes everything from solid black satin to dazzling brocades and pinstripes. With sturdy construction capable of tight lacing, many of our designs can be used as waist training corsets, either under or over clothing,  to help achieve a different waist shape over time. We invite you to browse our selection by style, fabric or silhouette level to find the corset perfect for you. 

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