Overbust Satin Corset


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Larger corset sizes available

This beautiful Overbust Double Steel Boned Corset from Orchard Corset will fit many different shapes and sizes.  The CS-530 offers the classic and elegant look of traditional full bust corsets, with modern stainless boning, quality fabric and craftsmanship. The CS-530 is a standard length corset, with the look of a longline due to the long front center busk with contoured bottom edge. However, the hip spring is cut out to allow a more versatile fit (see the blog). The sweetheart neckline boasts a full coverage cup (ideal for larger bust sizes of D-G) that rides high up, around and underneath the arm to minimize unwanted bulging.  Sizes 18-32.  Larger corset sizes available.

We recommend that you wear something between yourself and the corset and lucky you, we have a bamboo liner that will do just that! Buy one or save when you buy 3.

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Best for:  Average/Long Torso Length
Boning:  24 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
Dimensions:  15" Busk/ 16.25" Center Busk/  12.25" Back / 11.5" Side
Specifications: 9" Rib Spring & 10" Hip Spring
  • 24 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones
  • Average/Long Torso Length
  • Dimensions: 15" Busk/ 16.25" Center Bust/ 12.25" Back/ 11.5" Side
  • 100% Premium Satin Outer Fabric
  • 100% Cotton-lined Bodice and Modesty Panel
  • Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training
  • Pre-laced in a Bidirectional Fashion
  • Rigid Split Front Steel Busk
  • Moderate/Extreme Curve Silhouette
  • Includes Corset Care & Lacing Instructions
  • 6 Hidden Garter Tabs

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