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      Extreme Curve Standard Underbust Corset : CS-479

      Our Extreme Curve Standard Underbust CS-479 Waist Training Corset is designed for the most dedicated of tightlacers and waist trainers. The CS-479 is our curviest style available! Featuring a dramatic cupped hip and extreme waist to hip ratio, this corset will give you the extreme shape you are looking for. Designed with reinforced bonded fabric for added strength.

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      If you are a seasoned waist trainer with lots of curve, you are going to love our Extreme Curve Standard Underbust CS-479 corset. Designed specifically for that victorian shape, the CS-479 is our curviest corset top ever, this dramatic silhouette features cupped hips and reinforced bonded fabric for tight lacing and extreme waist training.

      This dramatic underbust corset will flatter and shape the most dramatic of natural hourglass figures. Engineered with an impressive 16" hip to waist ratio and dramatic 9" rib to waist ratio, this steel boned underbust corset will give you the results you have been looking for. Currently available in timeless matte satin option in black or ivory. | CS479