Super High Strength Nylon Replacement Laces

USD $11.00

Replacement corset laces made from extremely strong nylon paracord in your choice of black, red, or white. Each is individually hand made to your desired length (check out our lace length blog). These laces come professionally tipped to prevent fraying. Order in one yard increments with a minimum of 4 yards. Laces are made to order and may not be returned.

Recommended Lace Lengths: These lengths are typical lengths. If you have a little more "fluff" and can order many inches below your natural waistline, you might want to add a yard.
  • Hipties, set of 2: 46" each (1.2 yards), sold in 1 length
  • Waspie Underbust (CS-201 & CS-301): 4-5 yards
  • Standard Underbust Corsets (CS-411, CS-426 standard, CS-479 and CS-305 ): 6 yards
  • Longline Underbust Corsets (CS-426, CS-345, CS-701): 7 yards
  • Overbust Corsets (CS-411 Overbust, CS-511, CS-530): 8 yards
  • High Strength 550 Paracord (550 LB test)
  • Custom Length and Color
  • Heat Sliced to Prevent Fraying
  • Hand Crafted in the USA

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