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      Corset Accessories

      Add an extra element of seduction and personalize your corset with these beautiful accessories! Shop our corset accessories collection for a wide selection of the highest quality satin ribbon laces and garters to customize and perfect your outfit. Then invest in our storage/travel cubes and liners to protect your creation! .

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      If you need help relacing your corset, here is our instruction video or purchase our relacing service to have it arrive ready to wear at your door! Our limited edition lace collection changes seasonally, so check back for new colors and sizes often.  

      Corset Belts

      Show off your cinched waist with one of our fun corset belts!  Wear it with a stealthed corset underneath for an extra curvy look.

      Corset Liners

      These soft comfortable corset liners will save your skin and your corset.  Made from bamboo they are so soft and breathable you'll love having them next to your skin.  They will protect your corset top from any oils or lotions that might transfer from your body.  Buy one or save money with a three pack today!

      Corset Storage Boxes and Packing Cubes

      You'll feel like a star using these luxury storage boxes for your corset tops.  Protect your investment by storing them in our satin lined boxes with a zippered mesh pocket for storing extra laces or suspenders.  Use the clear ID pocket on the end to easily identify which corset is being stored.  Available in two sizes, the larger is perfect for longlines & overbusts and the smaller one is designed for waspies and standard size corsets.  Be sure to measure your corset and check the dimensions for the perfect fit.