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      Love shopping for corset deals?  Us too!! You'll find all sorts of goodies here from overstocked Limited Editions to discontinued items.  Save big on our high-quality steel boned corsets for women and men. To easily find your size, please use the helpful filter to see available options.

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      Waist training corsets for a steal of a deal from Orchard Corset!  High strength waist trainers for women, men, and corseting beginners in seasonal offerings at reduced prices.  You will love this corset deal!  Easily find plus sized trainers with the help of our filter, no coupon codes necessary!

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      Modern Curve: Thoughtfully designed for our customers with athletic shaped bodies or bodies with less natural curve our Modern Curve fits a variety of shapes ranging from athletic with less "squish" to men and women that have narrower hips or are apple shaped. It is a great waist trainer for someone who is just looking for a slight reduction, seeking back support with mobility or is just beginning their waist training journey.

      Romantic Curve: Perfectly designed for people with a defined waistline who have average proportions between their underbust and hips. It is one of our most versatile waist trainers and comes in standard and longline styles and both underbust and overbust corset tops. The Romantic Curve is a fan favorite and our customers speak out in testimonials in our corset library about how this comfortable corset has helped them with back pain and anxiety.

      Hourglass Curve: This collection is corseting GOALS! and includes our most popular styles. To wear this waist trainer you need to have a pronounced natural curve with full hips. Styles include our best selling CS-201 waspie corset and the hourglass to extreme curve CS-426 with hip ties and more... You'll love your hourglass shape in these styles!

      Extreme Curve: Designed specifically for our experienced waist trainer customers that have dramatic natural proportions - think Kim Kardashian curves. They are sewn with intentionally strong materials; matte satin fabric in black or ivory with an inner strength bonding fabric and extra strong cordage lace for tightlacing. We request that if you are interested in our Extreme Curve designs to contact our sizing experts to determine if you have the right body type to wear the extreme curve corset successfully.

      We sell corsets online in many fabric choices. Most styles are available in satin - cotton and mesh and we also carry underbust and overbust corset tops in specialty fabrics in brocade and pinstripes. All of our corsets are genuine steel boned, designed for waist training and fashion and come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.