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Corset Sizing

Corset Sizing: How to Know Your Correct Corset Size

Authentic Steel Boned Corsets are sized primarily using your your natural waist measurement (in inches) minus 4 to 7 inches depending on how much compression you want, how squishy vs firm. and your experience level. Plus sizes (natural waist of 38" or more) should order 7-10 inches down, as the more fluff you have the better able the corset is to redistribute and fill out the corset We also use your underbust and upper hip measurement to help fine tune the size based on your corset goals. Some women are looking for a corset to complete a costume or simply provide support (less reduction), while others plan to enter into serious waist training (more reduction). Novice corset wearers will likely not achieve the same level of cinching as experienced corset wearers.

Orchard Corset has an exclusive system for rating the curviness of a corset that we call Silhouette Levels . This system also accounts for your underbust and hip measurements and helps place you into a corset that is best suited for your body type and desired results.

Read our Sizing Tips Blog or our Fuller Figure Sizing Blog for more information on finding the perfect corset. If you need more help in determing which style of corset is best for you, check out this blog that compares several of our popular underbust styles. We have created a video blog that will help to determine if you have the torso length to wear a CS-426 longline.


To determine your natural waist size you measure your waistline or about an inch or so above the belly button (where your natural bend occurs-often the smallest part of your tummy) check out our video or our full figure measuring video). Pull the measuring tape taut, but not tight. The same is true for measuring your underbust (include your bra size if shopping for an overbust) and your upper hip measurement. For torso length, measure from right under the center of one breast down to your hip bone-or where your lap begins when seated straight and tall. Again, our Sizing Tip Blog is a great source of information.


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