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Silhouette Levels

Corset Silhouette Levels

By now, you've probably come across the term Silhouette Levels on our site. We've created this term to help determine the appropriate corset for different body types and different purposes. In general, silhouette levels use the 'bust to waist' and 'hip to waist' ratios to determine the amount of curve in a corset (or other garment). These ratios are determined by subtracting the waist measurement from the hip (or bust) measurement of a corset. Please note the measurements differ for underbust (UB) and overbust (OB) corsets, as overbust corsets have more room across the top.

All Authentic Corsets are sized by the narrowest point when the corset is laced shut (for example, a size 28 authentic corset is 28 inches at the narrowest point when laced shut). The following table should help you understand our unique way of labeling the amount of curviness in a corset.

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