Steel-Boned Short Underbust Vegan Leather Corset



Full figure corsets available

Hey all you animal lovers! It's finally here! A supple and luscious Vegan Leather corset. Available for a limited time in our CS-426 Short. Everything you love about the 426-only shorter (check out the video and blog to see how this compares to our traditional 426). Crafted from the finest fabrics, the CS-426S has a contoured underbust, 24 steel bones and an extreme curve. The corset is completely lined in 100% cotton which provides extra durability and support, and protects the exterior fabric. Sizes 18-32. Full figure corsets available.

  • 24 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones
  • Average Torso Length
  • Dimensions: 10.5" Front Center / 11.75" Back / 10.25" Side
  • 100% Premium Vegan (Faux) Leather Outer Fabric
  • 100% Cotton-lined Bodice and Modesty Panel
  • Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training
  • Pre-laced in a Bidirectional Fashion
  • Rigid Split Front Steel Busk
  • Extreme Curve Silhouette
  • Includes Corset Care & Lacing Instructions
  • 6 Hidden Garter Tabs

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