Limited Edition Black & Gold Lace Overlay Longline Underbust Corset w/ Hip Ties


USD $80.00

Floral gold lace delicately sewn over our rich black satin, this corset is going to be a shining star in your wardrobe!  Featuring a matte black busk and matching black grommets for a beautiful look.  Trimmed in black satin, this limited edition Holiday coset will be a favorite of yours!  Find out if the hip ties are right for you with the help of this videoWe offer satin ribbon laces (in sets of 2) to adorn your new corset.The CS-426 Longline underbust steel boned waist trainer is made with a contoured underbust line that is curved to fit directly under the bust and is long in the torso (click here for our video to help you determine if you have the torso length for the CS 426 Longline).  Extreme curves will give you that classic hourglass shape.

Available for a limited time at special pricing and in very limited quantities!

We recommend that you wear something between yourself and the corset and lucky you, we have a bamboo liner that will do just that! Buy one or save when you buy 3

Best for:  Long Torso Length
Boning:  24 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
Dimensions:  13.5" Front Center / 13" Back / 12" Side


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