Black Friday Champagne Satin Underbust Corset


USD $60.00

Our sexy and comfortable wasp waist CS-201 is a Black Friday MUST HAVE in this lush Champagne Satin. This steel boned waist trainer combines luxurious comfort with super cinching! The 201 is a 6-panel corset (12 total) with 16 spiral and flat steel bones. Waist tape reinforcement for additional strength. This corset is perfect for stealthing or for showing off.  Everyone will notice your fabulous cinched waist! Sizes 18-40. 

We recommend that you wear something between yourself and the corset and lucky you, we have a bamboo liner that will do just that! Buy one or save when you buy 3

Best for: Short/Average Torsos
Boning: 16 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
Dimensions: 9.5" Front Center / 8.75" Back / 7.25" Side

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