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      What are the Pros and Cons of Waist Training?

      If you’re interested in waist training you might be asking yourself What are the benefits of waist training? Are there any side effects?. Here at Orchard Corset, we think honesty is the best policy and that’s why we have gathered some of the positive benefits and negative side effects of corseting so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you! If you need more details or have other corseting or waist training questions, you can reach out to one of our corset experts right now:

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      Pros of waist training

      #1: An Hourglass Figure. Over time, your corset can literally change the shape of your waist helping you to achieve an hourglass shape with consistency! You’ll really notice a difference when you’re laced up though, most people see a reduction in their natural waist of 3” or more with the right size corset for their figure. Try our Corset Calculator to find the best corset for you!

      before and after image in corset

      #2: Instantly Improved Posture. You don’t need to be an avid waist trainer to reap the benefits of improved posture while you’re laced up. You’ll notice that while you’re laced up your shoulders will be back instead of hunched forward and your lower back will love the added support! Many people report that their corset alleviates their daily back pain, too!

      #3: Confidence! Many people say their corset gives them a coat of armor to wear through the day and we couldn’t agree more! Whether you attribute the confidence boost to your improved posture commanding respect or because you love the way your clothes fit in your corset, we think you’ll agree that lacing up in a corset gives you a little ego boost. Check out our user stories that include opera singers and rock stars and how corsets have helped boost their performances.

      #4: Weight Loss. When laced at a comfortable reduction, your waist training corset can act like an external lap band to help you with portion control. Contrary to many corset myths out there, you’ll notice that although you can eat and drink normally in a corset you won’t be able to eat as large of quantities in one sitting while laced up. No matter your goals, we always recommend a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lots of water! Check out our complete guide for weight loss with corsets.

      before and after image in corset

      Cons of waist training

      #1: It takes a little practice. Like most things in life, becoming a pro at waist training takes dedication. It can feel intimidating learning how to find the perfect waist trainer and how to lace yourself in for the first time. But, we’re here to help make it as simple as possible! We even have a friendly Facebook group where you can find support and encouragement from other waist training beginners and even waist training experts!

      #2: Corsets can make you hot. Yes, you know you’ll look sexy but you’ll also notice that you’re literally warmer when you’re laced in than not. Choosing a mesh corset and always wearing a liner like our Bamboo Seamless Corset Liner will keep you as cool in your corset as possible!

      #3: Your core muscles can weaken. If you wear your corset so often that you’re laced up more often than not and you don’t exercise, your core muscles will become “lazy” as they are being supported externally by your corset. We recommend pairing waist training with a healthy diet and exercise for the most healthy and noticeable results.

      #4: Corsets can be uncomfortable if not worn properly. An uncomfortable corset is almost always the result of:

      1. Lacing in too tightly, too soon
      2. Wearing the wrong size or style for your body shape
      3. Not listening to your body
      4. All of the above

      So, are corsets or waist trainers bad for you?

      Even the healthiest practices can be taken to the extreme and made dangerous. Waist training is not inherently bad, however if you ignore your body, wear a corset that is too small or otherwise the wrong choice for your body you can harm yourself.

      We talk to hundreds of people each week and an uncomfortable corset is almost always the result of choosing a too small corset in an attempt to achieve results more quickly. Waist training corsets have many steel bones placed throughout the design to give shape and definition, they are intended to sit certain parts of your body just so, but in a too small corset the flat back bones are intended to sit off to the side of your spine but are forced to sit uncomfortably at your sides.

      Corseting should never be uncomfortable, any signs of pain or discomfort are your body’s way of saying - Wait! If your corset is ever causing you pain or discomfort, first try loosening your corset and readjusting to a less extreme reduction. If that doesn’t lessen the discomfort, we suggest removing your corset entirely and reaching out to our team of sizing experts for a fit assessment.

      Chat with a corset expert

      If you’re in the right size and style for your unique dimensions and you’re practicing safe and sane corsetry methods, a corset for waist training or aesthetic purposes is perfectly safe!

      Safe Corseting Guide