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      Step #1: Take Your Measurements Underbust Tip: Measure right at your bra line. Make sure you measure parallel to the ground. Natural Waist Tip: Measure where you bend side to side. Usually about 1" above your belly button. Upper Hip... Read more

      With so many unique styles to choose from, Orchard Corset has the best waist trainers for beginners of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have ambitious waist training goals or you’re more interested in the gentle smoothing effect that modern... Read more

      "What corset do you suggest for me?" We get this question every day from women who are shopping for corsets. See here a guide to choosing the best corset for your style and body type. Select this link for our Corset... Read more

      Want to start waist training? Know the difference between steel boned corsets and latex waist trainers first, so you see the results you’re looking for. We share the most important differences between these helpful garments—each designed for different purposes and... Read more

      We carry a wide variety of waist training corsets to accommodate most body types.  If you have questions about which style is right for you, please reach out to our sizing experts for help! Style Look Silhouette & Body Type... Read more

      Use this Corset Comparison Chart to find the right corset for you! Julie Height: 5'8" Under bust: 33.5" Waist: 29" Upper hip: 36.5" Torso length: 13.5" Corset size: 22 Best fit: CS-426 Styles that don't work: I'm too curvy so... Read more

      Posted on Oct. 4, 2018 The term "shapewear" refers to a broad category of women's undergarments that are designed to slim, support, control and shape a woman's figure. This buyer's guide is intended to help you choose the right shapewear for... Read more

      Style # Look Type Size Range Fabric Front Busk (2XS-L / XL-5XL) Back Length (2XS-L / XL-5XL) Side Length (2XS-L / XL-5XL) Design Features 100 Strapped Underbust Waist Cincher 22"-49" natural rubber latex, spandex and nylon 12" / 13.5" 12.5"... Read more

      Have a corset lover on your shopping list? We have pulled together a fun gift guide to make corset shopping a little easier! With prices ranging from $7 to $100, you'll find something here for every price point. Corset Accessories Orchard Corset... Read more

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