Corset Lover's Gift Guide

Have a corset lover on your shopping list? We have pulled together a fun gift guide to make corset shopping a little easier! With prices ranging from $7 to $100, you'll find something here for every price point.

Corset Accessories

Corset Print Tee

For those days where you don't want to lace up, but you still want to show the corset love.

Satin Replacement Laces
$6.50 to $12

Beautiful laces are a perfect stocking stuffer for the coordinating corset lover.

Corset Cuban Heel Pantyhose

For the corset lover who likes to show their laces from their head to toe.


Fun & Festive Corsets

CS-201 Comfy Mesh Corset

The versatile CS-201 is perfect for the casual or not-so-casual corset lover.

CS-511 Overbust Mesh
$79 to $82

For the sexy and sassy corset lover, an overbust mesh corset for the holidays!

CS-411 Plaid Corset
$69 to $72

A festive holiday plaid brocade for the corset lover who's not a scrooge!


Corset Reading

Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese

For the glamorous corset lover.

Absentia Couture Calendar

For the schedule obsessed corset lover!

Solaced by Lucy Williams

An eBook for the hopeful corset lover.


Still can't decide? We offer gift cards in any amount $15-$200.