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      It's no secret that we here at Orchard Corset love corsets. That's why we created this Corset Library to answer all your questions about waist training and corsetry. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask us. We're here to help you find exactly what you need (and, yes, we're real live humans!). Happy cinching!

      Looking for your size? Curious which waist training corset or shapewear style fits you best? Find your ideal corset or Vedette shapewear that suits your purpose, whether for waist training, fashion, costume, drag, back support for desk jockeys, and more!... Read more

      Every corset tells a story. Some are worn for fun and fashion but many are worn because they improve your quality of life. Below are true corset stories from some of our customers describing how corseting changed their lives. We... Read more

      You've found the right place for discounts on Orchard Corset's authentic, quality steel-boned corsets and waist trainers! See our current coupons, join our OC rewards program, and even Enter to Win a Free Corset!  (Yes, you read that right!) Why include this page... Read more

      Corsets aren't just for fashion, though they are beautiful and create stunning curves! They're also often worn to "train" your waist to a smaller size, can reduce back pain, boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and offer many other surprising benefits. Explore... Read more

      New to waist training? Start here! We'll guide you through how to begin your waist training journey, safely and for the hourglass results you're looking for. Effective waist training must always start with a steel-boned corset that fits you well... Read more

      Corsets aren’t just for pinups and vintage lovers—they’re incredibly versatile! From dramatic costumes to beautiful fashion corsets to secret wardrobe staples that highlight your curves, you came to the right place for corset inspiration for any occasion. In this series,... Read more

      Your corset arrived! Now find out how you can make sure it's extra comfortable and keeps its stunning hourglass shape for many years to come. In this series, we give our pro tips on taking care of your corset waist... Read more

      Hi! It's lovely to meet you! You're the reason we do this corset thing, so let's get to know each other. If you're interested in learning about the Orchard Corset team and what we offer, you're in the right place.... Read more

      Our passion for corsets and excitement for sharing waist training tips and know-how has helped us become the #1 off-the-rack corset retailer in America. Want proof? Explore our expansive Corset Library and view the corsets and shapewear we personally design with care.

      Chat with our stellar customer service team to be expertly sized. We'll help you find the perfect steel-boned corset to suit your purpose, whether for waist training, wedding, costumes, back pain relief, or just for fun.