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Garment Fitting

By now, you probably know that garments are sized differently. Whether its by brand or by style, almost every item needs to come with its own sizing chart and a tape measure. We're here to help make sizing as painless and simple as possible.  
Most garment types are sized using one of three methods. The table below shows the standard way each garment type is sized. Some brands or specific products have their own sizing chart. If the garment you're looking at has a sizing chart (or a link to one) in the item description, it most likely over-rides these standards. Still have questions? Give us a call, we're here to help. 1.866.456.7411 8am - 4pm Pacific.
Method of Sizing Waist Measurement Bra Measurements
(or Underbust)

Weight & Height
Garment Types Authentic Corsets, Shapewear, Girdles
Fashion Corsets, Bras Hosiery
Where to Measure Measure your natural waist.  This should be the narrowest point, approx. 1 1/2 inches above your belly button.
Underbust: Directly under the bust.*
Bust: At the fullest point of your bust.*
*Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor.
An approximate weight is okay. Height should be measured standing against a wall, bare feet flat on the floor.
Useful Tools & Information Silhouette Levels &
Bust to Waist Ratio
Bra Sizing Guide
Bra Fitting Solutions
Other Measurements That Will Help Knowing your hip measurement and bra size will help when sizing a garment that will be worn on those parts of the body as well. Knowing your waist size will help to ensure that longline bras and fashion corsets will fit your torso not just your breasts.  Different brands tend to fit differently. Your best bet is to use the sizing guide associated with that brand/item and then adjust accordingly.

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