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Garment Care & Storage

To ensure you get the most from your bra, here are some care and handling instructions that should help keep your bra from wearing out too quickly.

First,  NEVER PUT LINGERIE IN THE DRYER! The dryer ruins the elasticity in the fabric, reduces support, changes the shape of the bra, and weakens the material making it even easier for those pesky underwires to break through and poke at you. Hang your bra to dry or lay it flat (with something inside the cup to keep the shape for molded bras). 

Handwashing is recommended for all types of bras, no matter the material.  It's best to do so with a mild detergent after every time you wear it.  This will remove body oils, sweat and dead skin cells that can ultimately cause the fabric to break down.  If you can't handwash your lingerie, place it in a mesh lingerie bag with all of the hooks fastened, straps tucked in, laces tied, etc. and fold the cups together.  Try using a dye free, fragrance free gentle detergent and stick it on the delicate cycle.  Remember, DON'T PUT YOUR BRA IN THE DRYER! 

When you're not wearing it, place your bras with the hooks fastened and cups folded together in your lingerie drawer.  If you can, hang it up in the closet by both straps.  If its a molded cup bra, be sure to lay both cups flat side by side with support underneath (like a pair of socks) to help maintain its shape.  Click here to read about specific instructions for corsets.

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